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This may include spoilers for some of you but tonight I'm beyond caring. If you are a spoilerphobe go no further. Also opinions contained herein may be unpopular, but guess what? This is MY journal and they are MY opinions. I'm not going to fight or bitch or whatever, but also I'm not apologising for them.

So this is where I’d have a little brain dump of what I thought about the episode. Well normally I would, because I loved the episode. Yes it was a ridiculous case and who knows why they had to go to August March, aside from needing a ‘name’ guest, and Malia’s funeral was heartbreaking, but there are some things that I have seen that are irritating me (surprise, surprise), so instead of my incessant thinkiness about the characters we all love, I’ll leave you with two points.

* Yes, Catherine was at Malia’s funeral. What’s up with the complaining about why is Cath at the paddle out? Or, she didn’t know Malia? How quickly you all forget. Seriously. I remember the squeeing that went on when Steve turned up at Meka’s funeral. Why? Because he knew Danny. Y’all (me included) thought that was adorable. Steve was happy to support his friend, Cath knew Chin, why isn’t she afforded the same fandom thoughts? Charlie was there too and we don't have proof that he knew Malia, why not ask the same question of him, why is Cath being singled out?

* Secondly and don’t get me wrong, I loved the lovely tender little scene on the HHV beach with Chin and Danny, but I don’t get how Danny’s emotion was any more compelling in this ep, than Steve’s was with the reunion with Doris (or any Steve/Doris scenes for that matter) in the last ep when AOL was soundly smacked down by parts of fandom for being not emotional enough.

Honestly, your double standards are showing fandom. The people dissing Catherine are some of the same people who staunchly defended the interloper from last year, and honestly there is room for two leads, they get along why can’t their corners of fandom without sniping at the opposing lead?

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