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So, it's like this, if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say any fucking thing. In fact I'd really appreciate it if you'd take your bat and your ball and just go away. Preferably before the next ep.

I'll cut this because I'm about to spoil you if you haven't seen it, but I'm about to get ranty, and no its none of you on my friends list. I made the mistake of reading a comm because you know, this was touted to be the happy making episode. And it was. Until I read a review.

Enough with the Cath hating, people!

Seriously if you can't deal with there being a talented woman thrown into the mix, fucking up your OTP or whatever the fuck it is that has the railway sleeper sized stick up your ass, then go away and stop harshing everyone elses squee.

And yes i'm fully aware that you can say that I can't talk because I was all about the Lori hate last year. But there is a difference. Lori was a plastic shell of a Mary-Sue character portrayed by a equally plastic actress. But here's the thing. Cath is a good character, sure we don't know all that much about her, but what we know is good, and better yet the actress portraying her is compentent, talented even, and she has chemistry with the whole cast.

Get off her case.

She was in this episode because she was asked by Steve to collect them. When they didn't arrive and didn't answer she was concerned, so started the search with Chin and Kono. Not the case. Not a mission. Just finding her not boyfriend and his boyfriend. You know the not-boyfriend who just spent a boat trip convincing everyone and their dogs that she's NOT his girlfriend.

Like I said not a case. They were finding Steve and Danny, it might have turned into a case but as soon as the boys were back on land but she wasn't part of it. She never went into anywhere first and she never touched anything just pointed things out to the team. She was there to help not be 'part of a case'. She was worried about her friends. Sue her.

Also there was no little fretting woman thing when Steve came back. She is a friend. A not-girlfriend even. She has proven over and over how much she cares for him. She hugged him. I've seen Chin and Danny hug him in similar circumstances. I've seen Kono hug him the same way and all that happened from that was angsty little McKono fics.

This whole episode was about telling fandom, look she's not going to come between them.

Enough with the hate.

And in other news, the things I liked?

* the Danny backstory was sad and is one of the times I've noticed Steve at a loss for words and just silently supportive. I like it.
* They should spend at least part of every episode wet, there was so much pretty I didn't know where to look.
* I hope he didn't lose the hat, it's made of awesome.
* the crowding and touching? I approve, carry on.
* I think Max has a crush on Danny (he'll have to duel Steve for him, but this being max it will probably be light sabers at dawn).

ETA: Also 'fans' heaping the hate on Cath for breaking Navy regs? Why should she be singled out? I love my show, but c'mon it's not as if the bulk of it isn't twisting or just flat out breaking a whole lot of civilian/police/military regs? It's called creative license. But for God's sake if you're going to single Cath out, at least stand up and check off the infractions from every one else as well. Sheez.

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