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So most of you don't know this but I like to knit. As a result I'm on a local yahoo group email list that knits for the needy/homeless in our city. Most of the people on the list are elderly, in fact a good deal of them are nuns. Adventurous, some of them have other hobbies, like snorkelling, cycling, hiking, camping, as i found out today one of them, an 82 year old nun goes scuba diving.

Anyways, I'm digressing, there was a new member today (or if she's been there for a while I've never noticed her, and trust me I would - you would too).

Her yahoo name is MaryMuffdiver. After I'd finished choking on my Coke because I received an email from her, I had a chat with her in the groups chat room. She's an 82 year old nun, her passion outside of the church is knitting and scuba diving with the youth group attached to her church, and she knits what she calls muff's for the homeless (knitted tubelike things they can slip their hands into for warmth).

I'm not sure she realises that her name is - problematic, and im not sure if Yahoo gave it to her or one of the 'well meaning' kids in the youth group helped her, but I didn't have the heart or the expertise to explain to her why she should change it.

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