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Today has been a funny day. And not a good funny either. Actually the last few days have been odd and kind of peculiar. The Hawaiian Tsunami was the start, which put me all out of sorts, not sure why either. But then came Frankenstorm, and no I'm nowhere near it and it shouldn't matter to me as much as it does, but I have so many friends that were literally right in harms way that I couldn't leave it alone. I couldn't leave the news networks alone and I had the weather channel streaming on my computer at the same time, just because I couldn't leave it the hell alone. Just like a kid picking at a scab. I only have one friend I'm yet to hear from, haven't really talked to her for a longish time because we've both been so busy. Last time I spoke to her she was living in Virginia Beach but she might be in Norfolk, I'm hoping the lack of comms is because she was evacuated or is just without power.

And on top of that they yanked Five-0. I get why they did it, and it really was a good call, but the source of distraction we all needed was gone, so I'd wager we were all sitting compulsively watching the weather channel and slowly unravelling.

Well, that was a long winded way to say I'm really glad all my friends came out the other side in one peice. We may not all know each other in person, but that doesn't make the friendship any less real.

I deal with weather emergencies so much better when I'm the one in the weather.

Here, have a treat because I've been made of whiny.


ETA: Something has just occurred to me. I get a stupid grin every time I see a picture of AOL this year. Why? It finally dawned on me, this year he looks so healthy and better yet happy. By this time last year we all were starting to see something was up, even in the Season 2 premiere he was too thin, but things only got worse as the season progressed as we all know. So this year seeing him so obviously happy and healthy just warms my little fangirl heart, especially since this season is so much better than last year and promises to continue getting even better.

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