Jan. 2nd, 2012

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So, it's been a while *waves*.

I've been to Middle Earth, frolicked in The Shire, spent time in paradise (formerly known as Hawai'i) all with my best friend.

I've gone to the dark side. Yes my PC loving pals, I now am the proud owner of an iPad2 and an iPhone 4s (known at my house as Steve and Danny - because they're both very handsome, very clever and are a perfect match for each other). Am considering a MacBook as my next technology purchase. It seems my friends are right, I am distracted by the Shiny and Pretty.

Speaking of Technology,it is not my friend. Many of you know that already. As much as I love it, sometimes it beats me with it's big nasty stick of you will do what I want you to do or I will smite your trusting ass. Since I've been home I have managed to lose the power cable for Balian (my netbook that travels with me) so until Acer sends me a new one my Balian is currently on life support and inaccessible. My Isp has decided that it will work when it wants to and not when I need it to. Livejournal has decided that it is in a relationship with my ISP and has gone out in sympathy. I can acess LJ on Danny (aforementioned iPhone) but that gets me nowhere because I can't see graphics or comment or do anything well useful, and to top that all off my sister has somehow managed to put a password on my home/base system and I can't access much of my personal stuff until we work out wtf she did.

This year there are some changes afoot in my on line life.

Since LJ is kicking my ample toosh, I am trying this from a different angle. My otherwise unloved Dreamwidth account is now my jumping off point and I'll be cross posting to LJ from here.

So.....what is everyone else up to.

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