Jan. 20th, 2012

kapuahi: (QUotes - Admitting Asshole)
You know I understand on a business level why they've pulled the Megaupload crap today, and why in their principles SOPA/PIPA is a good idea, but seriously?

MU is basically used by fans, real fans, to share what they love with people who have a similar love.  People who yes, might download something illegally, but from these people who does it really hurt?  These are the same people who watch the download, then watch when it screens in their region, buy the DVD when it's released, buy the blu ray when they come along.    Want to talk movies?  I've dl'd movies that I've seen 15/20 times at the cinema and want to watch while I'm waiting for the DVD release.  Music?  I have every Garth Brooks CD, some of them I have three or four different versions of but I've downloaded because I've listened so much some of them that the actual discs are no longer viable.

So, corporate asshats, don't tell me and my fannish friends that we are ripping you off.  You probably get more money from us then you would if we had less love for your product.  Keep this shit up and you'll get nada, because we'll always find a way to share the love.

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