Mar. 27th, 2012

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So, before we start revisiting the season 1 episodes, I must say, when I started watching Hawaii Five 0, I wasn’t shopping for a new fandom. It was a foregone conclusion that I was going to watch it, because, Hello! Hawaii! but I’m a one fandom girl, any more and I get overwhelmed which leads to being underwhelmed and falling out of fandom. Colour me surprised when I was searching for lj comms before Cmdr McGarrett had even become an orphan.

I came into it pretty much unspoiled. Those of you that know me know that if my day has been batshit crazy it’s a fairly calm day for me, so for months I had been letting episodes build up on my cable TV thingy just waiting for me to watch them, so I think I came into fandom round about episode 116, because Holy Mother of God I saw the promo’s for it and Steve in his face paint and cammo gear, fed straight into my military themed, gun loving, slightly leaning to redneck hard-wired fantasies and I had to watch as it aired. So I mainlined all that I had backed up that weekend, watched 116 that fateful Sunday night and the rest as the say in the classics is history. I might also add, that was the last time I have ever watched an episode when it screens in my home location. I might have watched a few as they screen in Honolulu.

And before I get too far, I should also explain that I came into it thinking that I was going to love Danny and by extension Scott Caan, wholly because of what I had read about it. Danny was certainly the sort of character that normally attracted me. And I had deliberately avoided Alex O’Loughlin’s previously screened in Australia series, Moonlight. Why? I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and the Moonlight Lore had too much disparity, so I actively turned it off when it was screening. What a loser, right?

And before I get way too long winded and since it’s the pilot I’m going to ramble over a couple of days. Kay?

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Missed anything so far? Got any other favorite bits?
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But now, now I can be excited about season 3.
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