Apr. 12th, 2012

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I may have committed S02E20 Coda. You may find it here if you're of a mind to.
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Why is it that one Australian network can get an episode of one program 'hot off the satellite' and the very same network can't keep up with another program.

Yes Channel Ten I'm pointing my finger right at you.

Why is it that tonight we got an episode of Glee that is lucky to be 24 hours old in the US, but next Monday night we're only getting 217 of H50 (for those of you playing at home that's the one with the native warrior). Why is that so? Yes I'm Glee!ful at the Matt Bomer episode being here prior to my finding a download, but FFS if you're going to do it for one, do it for all or don't fucking do it at all. Even NCIS LA is only one episode behind.

I can't even begin to imagine the ways that you are going to fuck up the crossover episodes. Especially since here NCIS:LA screens prior to H50. I have visions of them playing the conclusion of the case prior to the H50 opening, because yes, the suits are that stupid.

And then there is another network that has been playing Once Upon a Time 'sneak peaks' since December and still doesn't have an announced start date. I'm so over the teasing so badly I dl'd the eps. I say again, suits=stupid

Sigh....somteimes I think they're doing this just to fuck with my head.

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