Jun. 30th, 2012


Jun. 30th, 2012 10:56 am
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When did I get so old that instead of making me wish of jumping their bones while I'm watching CMT I'm asking when their curfews are and if their Mama's know what they're touching.
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I feel like Spammy McSpampants today, but just a few things that on my mind today.

~ There is a little girl that lives not far from me, Miette Skiller Five years old and suffering from a rare form of brainstem cancer that is if I understand correctly inoperable and thereby terminal. She's got two projects happening at the moment, Letters of Love, and she makes hair clips to sell to raise money for cancer research. If you have a few minutes to write her a letter of support or even a few dollars to spend on a hair clip you can find links to her postal address and her facebook page here.

~ who is surprised that Tom and Katie are splitting? I'm still not convinced he even likes women, so I've been waiting for that since day 1.

~ I'm not politically minded but things are seriously irritating me in my home politics at all. Gay Marriage, Boat People, Social Welfare, the bickering and fighting and crap the supposed 'government' are handling at the moment makes me want to knock the two opposing parties heads together. I'm not going to air my thoughts on any of the aforementtioned topics because they're unpopular within even my decidedly redneck family and I'm not here to start a rant about my intolerance and lack of compassion, I'm just ranting about the fact that our politicians suck worse than a hooker on dollar night.

~ Kind of glad I'm not at home at the moment, they're having a cold snap and it's apparently quite chilly. Not where I am however, it's tropical and balmy and just how I like it. Two guesses where that is?

~ Far too much work to do that involves plotting.

~ At a standstill with my Exchange fic. I need to know if my recipient is pro or anti Lori before I can go any further and I have no clue how to find out without exposing myself. Oy, that didn't sound right did it.

~ Have I mentioned that the leaked H50 casting news hasn't stabbed me with fear the same way last years did? I'm so happy with this years in comparison that I could almost be considered gleeful.

~ have lost 2.5 kilos since last week... Yay me.

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