Jul. 15th, 2012

kapuahi: (H50 - Kono  - CU)
Again, I'm not sure I'm watching the same show because I'm confused and probably reading the wrong thing into implications.

Do we know that Adam is a criminal? Yes his father was and head of the Yakuza to boot, but is there anything specific that has told us before his father's departure he was anything other than a legitimate business man (and why do I keep thinking lawyer?). I know that he is now head of the Yakuza by default, but his skeezy 2IC told us he wasn't man enough to do what he needed to do which implied to me that he wasn't fulfilling his 'yakuza' duties. He told Kono that he is making the hotels legit now. Not himself, but the businesses, which implies to me that he is already legit and trying to make the inherited business the same.

The only thing we've seen him do wrong is have his men kidnap Joe, and rough him up himself (which we all forgive Steve pretty much the same thing often, albeit he has some style of police jurisdiction) and hold a gun on Steve, which was only indirectly because he was really after Wo Fat.

So am I reading all of that wrong or is he really just misunderstood?

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