Aug. 29th, 2012

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So I'm here in Hawaii. Some of you might say again, but me I would say you can never be in Hawaii too much.

This is the trip my mother had planned and if we had cancelled after she passed we would have lost the ticket money so we decided to continue.

I don't need to say how much I love these islands do I? It's like they're the beating heart of my creativity, I've been almost blocked for months yet when I'm here I can write without effort. Three days I've been here and I've written 5000 words already. the only problem is that I can't make my laptop connect to the Internet so my writing is on the laptop and my connectivity is via Steve, my iPad, and yes Danny is my iPhone. And it's starting to annoy me that my flashy apple things don't connect with my writing implements.

What have I been doing you may ask? Nothing all that special, visiting friends wandering on the beach, picked up the rental car today and took it for a spin around the island and back. Went to all my favorite places got a juice at lanakai juice in Kailua, paddled in the water near chinamans hat at kualoa beach park, had some lunch at the shrimp shack, had a pineapple icecream at dole plantation, went to the california pizza place at kahala mall for dinner, did some grocery shopping at whole foods and was at the checkout behind Dichen Lachman. Tomorrow we are spending the day at pearl harbor after we have cocoa puffs for breakfast.

Did I mention that I have the best ride on the island? If you know me on Facebook you will have seen it already, but the newest model silver camaro is mine for three days, yes it is.

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