Sep. 30th, 2012

kapuahi: (Personalised - Steve)
So it's been a big week for TV yes?

Lets get the not as important premieres out of the way shall we?

Last Resort - I was on board with watching this just because of it's filming location, but it really surprised me. The synopsis that they used, did it no favors at all. The scenario that I thought was quite hinky actually turned out to be quite gripping. The have an adorable SEAL too, he's no Steve McGarrett, but for this he'll do.

Elementary - I went into this expecting to hate it, not that I'm a rabid Sherlock fan, but I really am quite lukewarm towards the three stars, but it also surprised me. Lucy Lui was far more likeable than I have ever seen her. And johnny Lee Miller was adorable.

Castle - I used to like Castle so much more, but now it just seems to have turned into a big romance fest for Beckett and Castle. It's good but now it's just the same as every other cop show.

Big Bang Theory - I don't know what I was expecting but I was disappointed. For a premiere it just seemed to fall flat for me.

NCIS - Dependable as always, and I'm glad they didn't kill off anyone that was important to me. Palmer just keeps surprising me, and McGee is still too thin.

NCIS:LA - I don't know why but I was less invested in this than I would be other years, maybe because the cliffhanger was more Sam and G focussed and LA is all about Deeks and Kensi for me, I dunno. It was good but it didn't ring my bells the same way that H50 did.

Okay, now for a round up of H50 things that I've seen floating around over the last few days. I'm cutting because the bulk of them are spoilers.

look at your peril )

So how goes your weekends?

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