Oct. 11th, 2012

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So here's a picture that was too pretty not to share. It's from a future ep so I've marked it spoiler, but I'm not sure exactly what it's spoiling. They drive a Camaro? Steve wears cargo pants? They both wear Tac vests? who knows, but I'm wary of the spoiler police.

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So most of you don't know this but I like to knit. As a result I'm on a local yahoo group email list that knits for the needy/homeless in our city. Most of the people on the list are elderly, in fact a good deal of them are nuns. Adventurous, some of them have other hobbies, like snorkelling, cycling, hiking, camping, as i found out today one of them, an 82 year old nun goes scuba diving.

Anyways, I'm digressing, there was a new member today (or if she's been there for a while I've never noticed her, and trust me I would - you would too).

Her yahoo name is MaryMuffdiver. After I'd finished choking on my Coke because I received an email from her, I had a chat with her in the groups chat room. She's an 82 year old nun, her passion outside of the church is knitting and scuba diving with the youth group attached to her church, and she knits what she calls muff's for the homeless (knitted tubelike things they can slip their hands into for warmth).

I'm not sure she realises that her name is - problematic, and im not sure if Yahoo gave it to her or one of the 'well meaning' kids in the youth group helped her, but I didn't have the heart or the expertise to explain to her why she should change it.
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It's been raining all day here today. So it's been cold and miserable. I don't like cold and miserable. So what have I been up to?

I spent a lot of the day having a 'Tour of Duty' Marathon. I forget how much I love those guys and seeing that era portrayed on screen. Also I don't watch it enough. When they released the DVD's here they stripped the 60's music from it so, for me at least, they stripped at least half the soul from the show, but one of our cable stations has been playing it and I get my music back, including my beloved theme. It was funny watching it and seeing familiar Kualoa Ranch/Hawaiian locations, [livejournal.com profile] fatorangekat you'll know, was it only the first season they filmed there?

This evening I've been capping all the H50 episodes because I don't have a complete set of the good quality caps, but now I does.

I'm happily putting together the daily post for AOL daily as well, it's such a hardship wading through AOL pics, but I'm happy to take one for the team.

Also, I have a question for my wise and astute friends list.

Who thinks Danny is afraid of the water? I don't.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] gyri at Reproductive Rights
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A star-studded cast wants you to sign!


The Bill of Reproductive Rights is an effort by the Center for Reproductive Rights to deliver a thundering statement—backed by hundreds of thousands of signatures from concerned citizens like you—to the U.S. Congress and the President that they must guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights and stop the attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away.

Draw the line! Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights!

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