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Sometimes this fandom makes me ashamed to say that I'm a fan.
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[Poll #1872139]

Brought you to courtesy of the fact that I'm watching Erik Estrada strutting his stuff in an episode of CHiPs.
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I don't write Het, but with every time there is a pissy little bitchfight about the appearance of Cath I really really wish that I did.

However, I'd love to see what they would do if they found this as a spoiler somewhere on the net.

"Cath, I've been thinking. Something Danny said to me while we were out there has been bothering me and I know now what I need to do. " He takes hold of Catherine's hands and sinks to one knee...Danny asked me why i dont call you my girlfriend and... well i cant really say other than that i know that doesnt feel right. It doesnt feel like enough. "

* written by an unstoppably snarky friend who incidentally is a McDanno shipper who can tell the difference between Canon and Fanon.

I can almost hear the batshit crazy's head exploding from here.
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So, in a break from my obsessive H50 ramblings, I found this.

Carmina Burana is all sorts of Awesome. My state ballet company performs it every three or four years.

Also points to anyone who names the link between my icon and this post.

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