Oct. 16th, 2012

kapuahi: (Personalised - Steve)
I haven't read anyone's reviews, I haven't clicked on a comm, I don't want to because it usually just gets my blood pressure up, but I know things are going to come up. Two things before we start.

* Have you never lied to a partner/spouse/booty calls parent/sibling/room mate about going to work just so you don't have to chew your arm off to get out of the interrogation morning of awkward? I know I have.

* She's not on Five-0 she's not working cases, she's doing favors for Steve. And I don't think he's using her that's how the pair of them phrase it in their own language. It works for them. I'm sure if Cath had 'favors' to ask of Steve he'd do them just as rapidly as she does for him. Thats what friends do.

All that said? What did I think of this episode?

Cath is made of Awesome.

that is about all.

ETA: FYI because I know this is going to come up, Steve wasn't being sexist or wtf else he's going to be accused of for calling Danny a Girl. Deal with it people thats what men do In fact in the real world he would have called him a pussy. Again, not sexist, just.what. men. do. Hell not even men. My sister bitches at me in just that tone, in fact almost that exact conversation all the time. What? It's alright for us to do because we're female and not for blokes. Those double standards are coming back out again.

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