Oct. 23rd, 2012

kapuahi: (H50 - Danny  - Bullshit)
So I like to think I'm a polite driver, and maybe it's just me but when someone does something nice/polite on the road for me I acknowledge, a shaka, a nod or a thank you in the mirror if it's a close nice thing. It annoyed me today, I was caught in a traffic snarl on the highway ad becuase I like to think that the whole pay it forward thing will happen (or people treat you the way you treat them) I always let a car or two in at the on ramps. It doesn't hurt since you're both at a creawl anyway right? Well by the time I got to my exit I had let 11 cars into the traffic in front of me. What did I get for my troubles? One hand wave and one flipped bird.

I was seriously like What the Hell, it doesn't cost you anything to wave a thank you.

Do y'all expect a nod or some acknowledgement of good deeds done?
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So I hope you're all watching Revolution/Walking Dead and taking notes.

Vote the wrong way and I'm pretty sure you're all (and by extension the rest of us) are on the path to one or the other of them.

And I'm pretty sure y'all know which way I lean.

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