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It's been a long time, since late April I believe, but consider this my recommitment post.

Things have happened in my life since then, some good, some bad, but over the passage of time I've rediscovered my love of country music, and in that vein I have third row tickets for the Keith Urban concert in January next year. Did I mention they were third row? I can't wait for that. Anyway, I've been looking for something aussie and couldn't help but think of Kasey Chambers. Her voice is quirky to say the very least but I really like her and her music. Especially these two songs.

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So I've got a lot going on and a lot not going on, some dot points and questions might explain it all.

*I'm so time poor that the only place I'm even briefly checking is LJ, yes I'm on all the other places (Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, Myspace - you name it I'm there) but if you seek me and I'm not answering it's because I haven't seen it. If you really need me hit me up on LJ I'll see it eventually.

* SO I've delved back into school. Currently working on a Bachelor of MultiMedia/Marketing (yes the bastards at Uni changed it's name) and a Diploma of Tourism.

* Am really behind on a lot of my stuff, most pointedly my 100 things posts. Will be getting onto that asap.

* Currently have three Bang sized fics almost finished, two almost at let the beta tear them apart stage. and also 30+ smaller fics.

* also brain is being eaten by the concept of hiatus project of rewriting S2 the way it should be but unless I can sort a way to turn it into a comm event/challenge it won't happen before the start of season 3. Which will make me sad.

* Have had some things going on that have made parts of being on line a pain in the ass so I've been avoiding it somewhat. If I've missed anything can y'all point me in the right direction?

* Friend may need some help in June so I may be off to my favourite place in the world - no it's not Disneyland, for a couple of weeks in June.

* have been mainlining two TV programs. Supernatural during the day and Stargate Atlantis at night. Have developed quite the thing for Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Am currently seeking out Sheppard/Ronon fic, am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Also really resisting the urge to write super porny ficlet in said pairing.

* While I'm on the confessions thing I have two more, and they are part of the same confession so here goes. I don't appreciate movies that are based on comic books. Why I don't know, I just don't never have and I'm hoping the Avengers will break that mold but I'm not holding out hope. Also, while on the subject of the Avengers, lets talk about Jeremy Renner shall we? I don't get it. At all. Somebody please apprise me of WTF it is about him that has y'all off your nuts about him, because I don't see it.

* God help me I've started plotting out an original manuscript. Where I fit that in I'm not sure, but I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. I think it helps in my head that I'm aiming for the schmaltzy romance market, but whatever works right?
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So I'm already doing this with Music, but Music is the stuff that I choose, basically that I enjoy doing, but this one is for the things that you might enjoy.

I'm totally stealing this from [livejournal.com profile] finduilas_clln because it a)looks like fun and b)is a really good idea.

This is my 100 things post for

100 Fandom Requests

Since fic is the only thing I'm equipped to create, basically, this will be the Master Post where you can all request your fandom related fic. Request as many as you want! Come back as often as you'd like! So... for the parameters...

Hawaii Five-O Fandom
- I will write drabbles or ficlets. The length of the fic will depend on how inspired I am by your prompt. As you know, my main pairings is Steve/Danny. Your prompt/request can be as vague or specific as you like.

Other Fandoms

Your safest bet is H50, but Magnificent Seven, The Young Riders and Lotrips might be possible as well.


Apr. 25th, 2012 01:45 am
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Today we're taking a break from the leisurely little meandering through my musical appreciation.

Today, in Australia it's ANZAC Day. The 97th anniversary of the WWI dawn landing at Gallipoli of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp, to me the most important of all the days we commemmorate as a nation. As a nation we've been involved in many military confrontations, the reasons for some were clear, the reasons for others not as clear, but none were as important to our nation as that landing. At the time as a united country we were only a teenager, but the efforts of our servicemen in that conflict forged us into the people that we are today. Our ideals, morals, attitudes, comradeship and larrikin nature presented to the world and still shown to this day.

In a few hours I'm off to our local dawn service, but before then I'd like to share this peice. I had a completely differnet peice in mind, which I'll share tomorrow, but this peice belongs here.


Apr. 24th, 2012 01:42 am
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So, number three gave you my first remembered musical love. Number four gives you my first line the ceiling with his posters musical love (because c'mon mom said no posters on the wall, nobody said a thing about the ceiling). I give you Leif Garrett.

You know you want to see more don't you )


Apr. 20th, 2012 03:27 pm
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My first memory of music as a fan? That would be the Bay City Rollers.

So many memories )


Apr. 19th, 2012 12:34 pm
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Music is the heart of life to me. I have a song for everything and everyone and every mood, every memory even. Most of us do, even if we don't consciously realise it. I'm going to share some of the music that is important to me here, the reasons why it is and maybe even some memories along the way. I should probably apologise from the get go because the bulk of this music is going to be Australian with a heavy dose of British

First cab off the rank? I Hear Motion//The Models.

Why this song? )

BTW if anyone wants any of the songs I share here, let me know
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Okay, so my sister drags me into her room and practically throws me at her TV and says who does this remind you of?

So, peoples, any ideas?
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Since if I see a bandwagon I must jump on it, I'm all over this one, come join me if you're of a mind to, it's going to be fun.

I'm also torn, I can't decide between two options.

100 Songs that are significant to me


100 Photographs that I've taken.

And the winner is? Songs I think, because everyone loves some music, right?

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