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I haven't read anyone's reviews, I haven't clicked on a comm, I don't want to because it usually just gets my blood pressure up, but I know things are going to come up. Two things before we start.

* Have you never lied to a partner/spouse/booty calls parent/sibling/room mate about going to work just so you don't have to chew your arm off to get out of the interrogation morning of awkward? I know I have.

* She's not on Five-0 she's not working cases, she's doing favors for Steve. And I don't think he's using her that's how the pair of them phrase it in their own language. It works for them. I'm sure if Cath had 'favors' to ask of Steve he'd do them just as rapidly as she does for him. Thats what friends do.

All that said? What did I think of this episode?

Cath is made of Awesome.

that is about all.

ETA: FYI because I know this is going to come up, Steve wasn't being sexist or wtf else he's going to be accused of for calling Danny a Girl. Deal with it people thats what men do In fact in the real world he would have called him a pussy. Again, not sexist, just.what. men. do. Hell not even men. My sister bitches at me in just that tone, in fact almost that exact conversation all the time. What? It's alright for us to do because we're female and not for blokes. Those double standards are coming back out again.
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So, it's like this, if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say any fucking thing. In fact I'd really appreciate it if you'd take your bat and your ball and just go away. Preferably before the next ep.

I'll cut this because I'm about to spoil you if you haven't seen it, but I'm about to get ranty, and no its none of you on my friends list. I made the mistake of reading a comm because you know, this was touted to be the happy making episode. And it was. Until I read a review.

Ranty McRantpants )

And in other news, the things I liked?

Spoilers ahoy )

ETA: Also 'fans' heaping the hate on Cath for breaking Navy regs? Why should she be singled out? I love my show, but c'mon it's not as if the bulk of it isn't twisting or just flat out breaking a whole lot of civilian/police/military regs? It's called creative license. But for God's sake if you're going to single Cath out, at least stand up and check off the infractions from every one else as well. Sheez.
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This may include spoilers for some of you but tonight I'm beyond caring. If you are a spoilerphobe go no further. Also opinions contained herein may be unpopular, but guess what? This is MY journal and they are MY opinions. I'm not going to fight or bitch or whatever, but also I'm not apologising for them.

So this is where I’d have a little brain dump of what I thought about the episode. Well normally I would, because I loved the episode. Yes it was a ridiculous case and who knows why they had to go to August March, aside from needing a ‘name’ guest, and Malia’s funeral was heartbreaking, but there are some things that I have seen that are irritating me (surprise, surprise), so instead of my incessant thinkiness about the characters we all love, I’ll leave you with two points.

* Yes, Catherine was at Malia’s funeral. What’s up with the complaining about why is Cath at the paddle out? Or, she didn’t know Malia? How quickly you all forget. Seriously. I remember the squeeing that went on when Steve turned up at Meka’s funeral. Why? Because he knew Danny. Y’all (me included) thought that was adorable. Steve was happy to support his friend, Cath knew Chin, why isn’t she afforded the same fandom thoughts? Charlie was there too and we don't have proof that he knew Malia, why not ask the same question of him, why is Cath being singled out?

* Secondly and don’t get me wrong, I loved the lovely tender little scene on the HHV beach with Chin and Danny, but I don’t get how Danny’s emotion was any more compelling in this ep, than Steve’s was with the reunion with Doris (or any Steve/Doris scenes for that matter) in the last ep when AOL was soundly smacked down by parts of fandom for being not emotional enough.

Honestly, your double standards are showing fandom. The people dissing Catherine are some of the same people who staunchly defended the interloper from last year, and honestly there is room for two leads, they get along why can’t their corners of fandom without sniping at the opposing lead?
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So everyone and their mother has seen the episode so we all know what happened. I’m not going to do that, but you know I am full of opinions and I’m about to share them all with you.

For all the ridiculous mission impossible jailbreak scenes as awesome as they were, this wasn’t about the explosions and guns and car chases no matter how much it tried to tell us it was, this was all about the characters we have loved and sometimes learned to love and their struggle to hold it all together.
There was not one mediocre performance in this episode, love them or hate them every one of those actors really pushed each other this episode.

cut because I'm mouthy and spoily )
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So, before we start revisiting the season 1 episodes, I must say, when I started watching Hawaii Five 0, I wasn’t shopping for a new fandom. It was a foregone conclusion that I was going to watch it, because, Hello! Hawaii! but I’m a one fandom girl, any more and I get overwhelmed which leads to being underwhelmed and falling out of fandom. Colour me surprised when I was searching for lj comms before Cmdr McGarrett had even become an orphan.

I came into it pretty much unspoiled. Those of you that know me know that if my day has been batshit crazy it’s a fairly calm day for me, so for months I had been letting episodes build up on my cable TV thingy just waiting for me to watch them, so I think I came into fandom round about episode 116, because Holy Mother of God I saw the promo’s for it and Steve in his face paint and cammo gear, fed straight into my military themed, gun loving, slightly leaning to redneck hard-wired fantasies and I had to watch as it aired. So I mainlined all that I had backed up that weekend, watched 116 that fateful Sunday night and the rest as the say in the classics is history. I might also add, that was the last time I have ever watched an episode when it screens in my home location. I might have watched a few as they screen in Honolulu.

And before I get too far, I should also explain that I came into it thinking that I was going to love Danny and by extension Scott Caan, wholly because of what I had read about it. Danny was certainly the sort of character that normally attracted me. And I had deliberately avoided Alex O’Loughlin’s previously screened in Australia series, Moonlight. Why? I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and the Moonlight Lore had too much disparity, so I actively turned it off when it was screening. What a loser, right?

And before I get way too long winded and since it’s the pilot I’m going to ramble over a couple of days. Kay?

Scared yet? )

Missed anything so far? Got any other favorite bits?

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