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It's been raining all day here today. So it's been cold and miserable. I don't like cold and miserable. So what have I been up to?

I spent a lot of the day having a 'Tour of Duty' Marathon. I forget how much I love those guys and seeing that era portrayed on screen. Also I don't watch it enough. When they released the DVD's here they stripped the 60's music from it so, for me at least, they stripped at least half the soul from the show, but one of our cable stations has been playing it and I get my music back, including my beloved theme. It was funny watching it and seeing familiar Kualoa Ranch/Hawaiian locations, [livejournal.com profile] fatorangekat you'll know, was it only the first season they filmed there?

This evening I've been capping all the H50 episodes because I don't have a complete set of the good quality caps, but now I does.

I'm happily putting together the daily post for AOL daily as well, it's such a hardship wading through AOL pics, but I'm happy to take one for the team.

Also, I have a question for my wise and astute friends list.

Who thinks Danny is afraid of the water? I don't.
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So, it's like this, if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say any fucking thing. In fact I'd really appreciate it if you'd take your bat and your ball and just go away. Preferably before the next ep.

I'll cut this because I'm about to spoil you if you haven't seen it, but I'm about to get ranty, and no its none of you on my friends list. I made the mistake of reading a comm because you know, this was touted to be the happy making episode. And it was. Until I read a review.

Ranty McRantpants )

And in other news, the things I liked?

Spoilers ahoy )

ETA: Also 'fans' heaping the hate on Cath for breaking Navy regs? Why should she be singled out? I love my show, but c'mon it's not as if the bulk of it isn't twisting or just flat out breaking a whole lot of civilian/police/military regs? It's called creative license. But for God's sake if you're going to single Cath out, at least stand up and check off the infractions from every one else as well. Sheez.
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You know if I was a paranoid suspicious bitch, i would be inclined to think that all the recent clips/lines/images released from future episodes are all pointedly saying to fandom,

"Hey look we know we made a mistake last year, but look this one isn't going to come between them at all."
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So everyone and their mother has seen the episode so we all know what happened. I’m not going to do that, but you know I am full of opinions and I’m about to share them all with you.

For all the ridiculous mission impossible jailbreak scenes as awesome as they were, this wasn’t about the explosions and guns and car chases no matter how much it tried to tell us it was, this was all about the characters we have loved and sometimes learned to love and their struggle to hold it all together.
There was not one mediocre performance in this episode, love them or hate them every one of those actors really pushed each other this episode.

cut because I'm mouthy and spoily )
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So, I've been going to post for a couple of days, but really just haven't had the time or probably truth be told, the energy.

Things that matter in my world this week:

* My study is driving me crackers. My brain was never meant to be inhabited by numbers, I mean, if it's got more numbers than I have fingers and toes it's too difficult for me to deal with. Somehow I think Chemistry and Computerised Financial accounting are going to be the death of me.

* Alex O'Loughlin was out and about in LA at the HFPA event during the week, looking relaxed and very salt n pepper. Gave an interview here which is guaranteed to make you love him even more. Honestly? To find a nicer, more genuinely down-to-earth man would be a near impossible task.

* Scott Caan's play seems to be doing well as evidenced here, I'm quite jealous of all of you that are going.

* My consumption of Supernatural has slowed, I stopped for a while at the end of Season 2, but when I get done with travel and fic writing I will be delving back in, because Jensen Ackles eyelashes are too good to resist.

* Speaking of diving in? You may note from the icon, yes I have been assimilated. I've fallen right down the Wormhole and into Stargate: Atlantis. It's all [livejournal.com profile] alassenya's fault.

* Though I am defying common convention over that way and am quite smitten with the Ronon/Sheppard (what is that called btw, because in my head it's Shex) pairing rather than the McShep everyone else seems so set on. Not only is Jason Momoa hot, but he's got that lovely husky voice that should be reserved for reading porn out loud.

* The other half of that pairing? The Sheppard part you wouldn't expect to be hot? Somehow it is, and seriously Joe Flanigan should stop doing things like this on twitter. It just fills my head with inappropriate ideas. Also? There is almost as much if not more unneccessary touching between the two of them on set as there is with AOL/SC.

*Speaking of inappropriate, I've never been in a fandom before where there was so much hetfic, and not just hetfic but generally bad het fic. SGA seems to have as much het as slash, to a died in the wool slasher, that is a little disturbing.

* Before my next travel I really need a new travel laptop, Balian, my trusty netbook is getting long in the tooth and recalcitrant, contemplating this one is appealing to me at the moment because I can get it for almost $200 cheaper and with double the memory from my local guy.

*Have finished the rough draft of a bang fic, need to start on my Harlequin fic and somebody please shoot me, I've just signed up for an SGA challenge.

* Speaking of writing outside my fandom comfort zone? My head is being overtaken by the plotting of an SGA/H50/Walking Dead fic that is threatening to eat my existance.

* While I'm rabbiting about fic I have an observation to make. the H50 writing comm seems to spend a lot of time at FF.net, I've never been in a fandom that posts there before.

* The premiere of the Hobbit has been announced, I think I'm almost excited when I really didn't expect to be.

* Put together a new recipe this week, Pineapple and Coconut Macaroons, I'm told they're irresistable. Guess what inspired them?

Also, ION, is it September yet? I miss my new H50, and am pining for [livejournal.com profile] and_ed's episode reviews.
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So I've got a lot going on and a lot not going on, some dot points and questions might explain it all.

*I'm so time poor that the only place I'm even briefly checking is LJ, yes I'm on all the other places (Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, Myspace - you name it I'm there) but if you seek me and I'm not answering it's because I haven't seen it. If you really need me hit me up on LJ I'll see it eventually.

* SO I've delved back into school. Currently working on a Bachelor of MultiMedia/Marketing (yes the bastards at Uni changed it's name) and a Diploma of Tourism.

* Am really behind on a lot of my stuff, most pointedly my 100 things posts. Will be getting onto that asap.

* Currently have three Bang sized fics almost finished, two almost at let the beta tear them apart stage. and also 30+ smaller fics.

* also brain is being eaten by the concept of hiatus project of rewriting S2 the way it should be but unless I can sort a way to turn it into a comm event/challenge it won't happen before the start of season 3. Which will make me sad.

* Have had some things going on that have made parts of being on line a pain in the ass so I've been avoiding it somewhat. If I've missed anything can y'all point me in the right direction?

* Friend may need some help in June so I may be off to my favourite place in the world - no it's not Disneyland, for a couple of weeks in June.

* have been mainlining two TV programs. Supernatural during the day and Stargate Atlantis at night. Have developed quite the thing for Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Am currently seeking out Sheppard/Ronon fic, am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Also really resisting the urge to write super porny ficlet in said pairing.

* While I'm on the confessions thing I have two more, and they are part of the same confession so here goes. I don't appreciate movies that are based on comic books. Why I don't know, I just don't never have and I'm hoping the Avengers will break that mold but I'm not holding out hope. Also, while on the subject of the Avengers, lets talk about Jeremy Renner shall we? I don't get it. At all. Somebody please apprise me of WTF it is about him that has y'all off your nuts about him, because I don't see it.

* God help me I've started plotting out an original manuscript. Where I fit that in I'm not sure, but I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. I think it helps in my head that I'm aiming for the schmaltzy romance market, but whatever works right?


May. 18th, 2012 04:18 pm
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So, I'm convinced I'm either in an alternate reality or I honestly have a different feed to half the viewing world because seriously, what the everloving fuck, dude!

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Cut from this article to save you having to read any more.
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While we all sit here and angst over what will be tonight I have a question for the fic writers in our midst.

I currently archive all my fic on AO3. It's easy for me, I'm a coding moron so there is rarely a time when I cock up posting to AO3, so i'm not going back 43 times to fix something that I've not done properly the first time. However, I'm wondering what weveryone else does, and at the same time I angst about having a secondary location.

My question? What is your archiving process of choice? Do you have two places? Do you just post to your own LJ and link everywhere else? Do you not care? Do you really not like a specific archive? Why not? Is there somewhere better than A03 or LJ or DW that I haven't found?

Wow, when I said that I had a question I was lying, I apparently had a laundry list of them.
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I've been poorly today and overwhelmed by my to do list, but I've been pondering something that I'm not sure there is a definitive answer to, so I'm just going to explain and ask.

I'm falling head over heels for two new (for me) programs and one I used to watch but has sucked me in. I'm talking about GCB, Once Upon a Time and Army Wives.

Now here's the part I don't get. I have no, absolutely none at all, desire to even look for fanfic or delve into their fandoms. Now I had fanfic plotted in my head and was searching for LJ Comms before I had even finished watching the H50 pilot. I'm equally committed to watching NCIS:LA and short of a wee foray into their fic which I didn't like I'm not at all interested in their fandom. Likewise for Bones, Castle and anything else I watch casually.

My question? What is it about some programs that suck us in and make us want to practically absorb fandom?

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