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Spoilers for Steve's Flashback

Read the spoilers then please come and flail with me.

cut for spoiley fangirl flailing )

Please resume your regular broadcasting.
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So here's the thing, I like to be spoiled, so when the amount of spoiling is getting ahead of me and I get confused, I am going to have a post like this where all the news I have collected I will cobble together into episode order and post here. Not so I spoil you lot but so I have it all straight in my head. So heres the latest batch from 3.05 - 3.12. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled and if you do click don't bitch that you've been spoiled.

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I apologise for the spamminess of my day but it's hat kind of day isn't it?

Don't forget to go and vote, vote lots even, this has been a damned good season so far, hasn't it?

A link for your convenience.

And I leave you for a thought courtesy of my sister.
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So does that make Cath starters? And Danny main course?

Or it just one big ole Steve Buffet?
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and fandom melts like plastic over a flame....

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I haven't read anyone's reviews, I haven't clicked on a comm, I don't want to because it usually just gets my blood pressure up, but I know things are going to come up. Two things before we start.

* Have you never lied to a partner/spouse/booty calls parent/sibling/room mate about going to work just so you don't have to chew your arm off to get out of the interrogation morning of awkward? I know I have.

* She's not on Five-0 she's not working cases, she's doing favors for Steve. And I don't think he's using her that's how the pair of them phrase it in their own language. It works for them. I'm sure if Cath had 'favors' to ask of Steve he'd do them just as rapidly as she does for him. Thats what friends do.

All that said? What did I think of this episode?

Cath is made of Awesome.

that is about all.

ETA: FYI because I know this is going to come up, Steve wasn't being sexist or wtf else he's going to be accused of for calling Danny a Girl. Deal with it people thats what men do In fact in the real world he would have called him a pussy. Again, not sexist, just.what. men. do. Hell not even men. My sister bitches at me in just that tone, in fact almost that exact conversation all the time. What? It's alright for us to do because we're female and not for blokes. Those double standards are coming back out again.
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I don't write Het, but with every time there is a pissy little bitchfight about the appearance of Cath I really really wish that I did.

However, I'd love to see what they would do if they found this as a spoiler somewhere on the net.

"Cath, I've been thinking. Something Danny said to me while we were out there has been bothering me and I know now what I need to do. " He takes hold of Catherine's hands and sinks to one knee...Danny asked me why i dont call you my girlfriend and... well i cant really say other than that i know that doesnt feel right. It doesnt feel like enough. "

* written by an unstoppably snarky friend who incidentally is a McDanno shipper who can tell the difference between Canon and Fanon.

I can almost hear the batshit crazy's head exploding from here.
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[Poll #1872139]

Brought you to courtesy of the fact that I'm watching Erik Estrada strutting his stuff in an episode of CHiPs.
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So here's a picture that was too pretty not to share. It's from a future ep so I've marked it spoiler, but I'm not sure exactly what it's spoiling. They drive a Camaro? Steve wears cargo pants? They both wear Tac vests? who knows, but I'm wary of the spoiler police.

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Cut because it's clearly a spoiler and because I'm going to have my own little squee fest.

Clearly made of spoiled awesome )
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So, it's like this, if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say any fucking thing. In fact I'd really appreciate it if you'd take your bat and your ball and just go away. Preferably before the next ep.

I'll cut this because I'm about to spoil you if you haven't seen it, but I'm about to get ranty, and no its none of you on my friends list. I made the mistake of reading a comm because you know, this was touted to be the happy making episode. And it was. Until I read a review.

Ranty McRantpants )

And in other news, the things I liked?

Spoilers ahoy )

ETA: Also 'fans' heaping the hate on Cath for breaking Navy regs? Why should she be singled out? I love my show, but c'mon it's not as if the bulk of it isn't twisting or just flat out breaking a whole lot of civilian/police/military regs? It's called creative license. But for God's sake if you're going to single Cath out, at least stand up and check off the infractions from every one else as well. Sheez.
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So? Who's excited?
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Channel 10 is running a competition that might interest you

Go Here to enter.
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Two articles I've seen today.

Article the First


Article the Second

We've had one episode this season that was up against some fairly stiff competition, with from what I've heard limited promotion on CBS's part, isn't it a little early to be calling the undertakers?

Also the comments left by 'fans' on one of those articles I find offensive. Some people have no brain to keyboard filter, they really should learn.
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You know if I was a paranoid suspicious bitch, i would be inclined to think that all the recent clips/lines/images released from future episodes are all pointedly saying to fandom,

"Hey look we know we made a mistake last year, but look this one isn't going to come between them at all."
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So everyone and their mother has seen the episode so we all know what happened. I’m not going to do that, but you know I am full of opinions and I’m about to share them all with you.

For all the ridiculous mission impossible jailbreak scenes as awesome as they were, this wasn’t about the explosions and guns and car chases no matter how much it tried to tell us it was, this was all about the characters we have loved and sometimes learned to love and their struggle to hold it all together.
There was not one mediocre performance in this episode, love them or hate them every one of those actors really pushed each other this episode.

cut because I'm mouthy and spoily )
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There are spoilers in this clip, don't say you weren't warned!


Edited to add this article

Spoilers Ahoy
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So, are we excited yet?

I'm still pissed with missing SOTB especially since the crazy makers that were objectifying certain members of the cast were there front and centre making with the crazy last night. *Sigh* We're not all like that, honest.

And I'm a little concerned that the whole Steve's love interest debacle from last year is going to be repeated with Cath and I'm not ready for that. But on an upside this year I can't be accused of Mysogyny because I adore Cath/Michelle Borth.

I love Christine Lahti too, have hated a lot of her characters (She was an absolute bitch in SVU, wasn't she?) but shes an incredible actress and I can't wait to see what she brings out in the rest of the cast. Okay, okay, so I can't wait to see what she and Alex do...

*back to impatiently waiting for a link*
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So this is a new Camaro model. I like it, but she's going to have to grow on me before I love her.


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