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Oct. 29th, 2012 10:00 am
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Since I know none of my friends have been bludgeoned with the stupid stick I know you'll all do the safest things for your own situations, but stay as safe as you can and I hope that the weather is kind and the power stays on.

Crazy weather times [ profile] and_ed I hope the earthquake didn't affect you, Hawai'i's tsunami was thankfully milder than it could have been, now we just have to get through Sandy and then it's bushfire season down my way (apparently the worst we've seen in many years they say).

Is it too much to ask for mild weather everywhere? Just for one year even?
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For anyone who has friends on or worried about the Tsunami warning in Hawaii, here is the livestreaming of HNN if you need/want it.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
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As much as fandom makes me *headdesk* on a daily basis, sometimes RL just blows any fandom shit right out of the water.

Have y'all seen this?

I'm sorry? But it's driving cars that relieves us of our virginity? And how the hell does that co-relate to homosexuality?

My mind is officially boggled.
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It's been a shitty week, mum's funeral was Wednesday and the world has been a wee bit hectic since, but we had tickets to the PBR invitational (That's Professional Bull Riding to y'all) so my sister and I went tonight.

Whilst there I made an observation. There is not much that a cowboy hat can't fix. They even make unattractive men cute. I observed that happening tonight.

Now I just need AOL to sign onto a western movie and I think I'll be a happy little fangirl.
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So I've got a lot going on and a lot not going on, some dot points and questions might explain it all.

*I'm so time poor that the only place I'm even briefly checking is LJ, yes I'm on all the other places (Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, Myspace - you name it I'm there) but if you seek me and I'm not answering it's because I haven't seen it. If you really need me hit me up on LJ I'll see it eventually.

* SO I've delved back into school. Currently working on a Bachelor of MultiMedia/Marketing (yes the bastards at Uni changed it's name) and a Diploma of Tourism.

* Am really behind on a lot of my stuff, most pointedly my 100 things posts. Will be getting onto that asap.

* Currently have three Bang sized fics almost finished, two almost at let the beta tear them apart stage. and also 30+ smaller fics.

* also brain is being eaten by the concept of hiatus project of rewriting S2 the way it should be but unless I can sort a way to turn it into a comm event/challenge it won't happen before the start of season 3. Which will make me sad.

* Have had some things going on that have made parts of being on line a pain in the ass so I've been avoiding it somewhat. If I've missed anything can y'all point me in the right direction?

* Friend may need some help in June so I may be off to my favourite place in the world - no it's not Disneyland, for a couple of weeks in June.

* have been mainlining two TV programs. Supernatural during the day and Stargate Atlantis at night. Have developed quite the thing for Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Am currently seeking out Sheppard/Ronon fic, am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Also really resisting the urge to write super porny ficlet in said pairing.

* While I'm on the confessions thing I have two more, and they are part of the same confession so here goes. I don't appreciate movies that are based on comic books. Why I don't know, I just don't never have and I'm hoping the Avengers will break that mold but I'm not holding out hope. Also, while on the subject of the Avengers, lets talk about Jeremy Renner shall we? I don't get it. At all. Somebody please apprise me of WTF it is about him that has y'all off your nuts about him, because I don't see it.

* God help me I've started plotting out an original manuscript. Where I fit that in I'm not sure, but I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. I think it helps in my head that I'm aiming for the schmaltzy romance market, but whatever works right?
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Courtesy of life getting busier and in the interests of my continued sanity, my flist is going to be undergoing a bit of a culling.

If you want to stay give me a heads up here?
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So I've been quiet yes?

[ profile] alassenya and I are on a journey, we is. On Thursday we set off for a Stargate Convention in Canada. After a flight that seemed like it was circumnavigating the entire world, twice even! we found ourselves in not so sunny but still incredibly gorgeous Vancouver. Spent Thursday afternoon with the ever lovely and delightfully charming [ profile] and_ed who showed us some canadian driving skills, lots of her city and an adorable pub called The Buck and Ear, who by the way has the best waiter, if ever you're there go in and say hi to Ken. There was much fangirl chatting and eating done there and it was the best time, I at least, have had in a long time.

Yesterday we settled in to the convention, met Robert Picardo, Kate Hewlett and Dan Payne that I can at least remember the names. Went to the Cabaret last night and OMG Andee Frizzell and Chuck Campbell are hysterically funny, maybe one day I'll share the fart silencer story we heard. Also Robert Picardo? To say he sings good is an understatement.

Okay, I'm off today is filled with more stuff that I'll more than likely tell you about tomorrow.

Tuesday we're off to Honolulu on our way home.
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I keep saying that next week is going to be calmer but it never seems to happen, the crazy just seems to get ramped up a notch higher every week. Because I'm too lazy/busy to adventure with more than dot points, welcome to my weekend round up.

# Have spent the last few days putting together flat pack furniture. DO not understand why they bother translating instructions from whatever language they start in to english if they end up as unrecognisable jibberish.

#Must stop using Hawaiian themed ablutionary solutions. Not only does it make me pine for my second home but now my hair (which generally makes straw ticking look soft and manageable) is so soft and silky, courtesy of the coconut and frangipani oils, that my hair bands are all just sliding off.

#Have a squillion things to write and update and even with a dictation program I still am not getting enough time to make with the writing. Frustrating, much?

#My sister, damn her, is trying to suck me into Dark Angel and Lost Girl. I think she is succeeeding with the first, not so much with the second.

#Speaking of the sibling? One of our local tv stations has just started playing Moonlight. To say she is smitten by Mick St John is something akin to saying Romeo might have fancied Juliet. When I say to her 'you know that's Steve McG, don't you?" Her response is 'Yeah but he's sexy with some meat on him.'

#On that subject, good to hear that AOL is going to be back on deck soon. I'm sure they've missed him as much as we have, and whilst Chin is a worthy replacement for the NCIS:LA/H50 crossover I'm still sad I get no Steve/Danny/Deeks interaction, but health is something you can't replace and he needs to look out for himself.

#I'm being forced to drive (okay not forced but I don't have the energy for the argument)the family to Sizzler for dinner. I'm so not in the mood for that shit. Eating at Sizzler in my neighbourhood is like a food fight with the cast of My Name is Earl.

# Need a new character member outside of the core four for character discussion, anyone got any ideas?

#speaking of the core four I'm afeared for one of them this season. I hope my spidey senses are tingling for nothing.
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The fact that I am related to people that think that every homosexual person is a pedophile, and that being opposed to same sex marriage is not being a narrow minded bigot, it's defending the sanctity of marriage. I was just told 'that I am unreasonable for expecting gays to be given a fair go, that's like expecting murderers not to be punished.'

To say I have no words would be an understatement.

RIP Rose

Mar. 8th, 2012 10:22 am
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Rose Freeman has passed
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This is not a post to comment on the days events aside from saying that Alex gets well soon, and that after all is said and done both he and our show will be stronger.

But it is a post to say that OMG, today I am proud of fandom. The love and support from all corners of fandom, the press and normally bitchy, snipey areas such as ONTD is universally caring.

Or maybe it's just that nobody likes to see the truly nice guys hurting.
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You know Sunday nights the world can't get much better. Dancing with the stars, Five-0 or Team McGarrett as my mother likes to call it, Tonight's was Ho'ohuli Na'au, and now Castle. A beer and salsa dip for snacks and the world is a good and happy place.
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You know Sunday nights the world can't get much better. Dancing with the stars, Five-0 or Team McGarrett as my mother likes to call it, Tonight's was Ho'ohuli Na'au, and now Castle. A beer and salsa dip for snacks and the world is a good and happy place.

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