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So since I made with the whiny about LJ, I guess I should back up with all the places you can find me right? If you can't find me here, I'm at all these places too. Feel free to friend me anywhere, everywhere or nowhere and I'll friend you back.

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For anyone who has friends on or worried about the Tsunami warning in Hawaii, here is the livestreaming of HNN if you need/want it.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] gyri at Reproductive Rights
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A star-studded cast wants you to sign!


The Bill of Reproductive Rights is an effort by the Center for Reproductive Rights to deliver a thundering statement—backed by hundreds of thousands of signatures from concerned citizens like you—to the U.S. Congress and the President that they must guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights and stop the attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away.

Draw the line! Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights!

me being bad )
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So most of you don't know this but I like to knit. As a result I'm on a local yahoo group email list that knits for the needy/homeless in our city. Most of the people on the list are elderly, in fact a good deal of them are nuns. Adventurous, some of them have other hobbies, like snorkelling, cycling, hiking, camping, as i found out today one of them, an 82 year old nun goes scuba diving.

Anyways, I'm digressing, there was a new member today (or if she's been there for a while I've never noticed her, and trust me I would - you would too).

Her yahoo name is MaryMuffdiver. After I'd finished choking on my Coke because I received an email from her, I had a chat with her in the groups chat room. She's an 82 year old nun, her passion outside of the church is knitting and scuba diving with the youth group attached to her church, and she knits what she calls muff's for the homeless (knitted tubelike things they can slip their hands into for warmth).

I'm not sure she realises that her name is - problematic, and im not sure if Yahoo gave it to her or one of the 'well meaning' kids in the youth group helped her, but I didn't have the heart or the expertise to explain to her why she should change it.

Lazy Days

Oct. 7th, 2012 11:59 pm
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So instead of writing or finishing school assignments I spent the day drinking tea and watching the Bathurst 1000. For the non Aussies amongst us, that would be the mecca of V8 Supercar racing. Kinda like the nascars, actually I'm almost salivating for next April when we are coming to the US. Our holdens and fords against your Chevys. Guess who i'm backing. Anyway it's a 1000km race made up of 161 laps of a road track.

Clearly I am far too much of a bogan for my own good some days.

But I do like to share, so since I'm a Chevy girl I've found y'all a clip of a classic Camaro having a spectacular falling out with the fords and holdens in an earlier race.

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As much as fandom makes me *headdesk* on a daily basis, sometimes RL just blows any fandom shit right out of the water.

Have y'all seen this?

I'm sorry? But it's driving cars that relieves us of our virginity? And how the hell does that co-relate to homosexuality?

My mind is officially boggled.
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October is national anti-bullying month?

This woman has a message that we ALL should heed.
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Oh gymnastics I have missed you so.

Since when does adding sunglasses, funky music and an annoying and 'hip' commentator an olympic sport make? Yes Beach Volleyball I'm looking at you. What's wrong with televising the original not the AU? (this may or may not come from a frustrated ex volleyball player).

Also? Not that I'm not as patriotic as the next Australian, but FFS Channel 9 there are more people there competing than just the Aussies, and we're supposedly so proudly multicultural that I'm sure there are more than just me that have friends/interests in the other teams. It would serve you well to remember that not everything is about the green and gold. Incidentally my old buddy from the Brisbane Gymnastic World Championships, Bulgaria Gymnastics Federation President Iordan Iotchev thoroughly deserved the standing ovation he got from the crowd. Six Olympics is a herculean feat.
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There is not enough words for me to speak on this....

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It's been a shitty week, mum's funeral was Wednesday and the world has been a wee bit hectic since, but we had tickets to the PBR invitational (That's Professional Bull Riding to y'all) so my sister and I went tonight.

Whilst there I made an observation. There is not much that a cowboy hat can't fix. They even make unattractive men cute. I observed that happening tonight.

Now I just need AOL to sign onto a western movie and I think I'll be a happy little fangirl.

Sad News

Jul. 8th, 2012 11:09 pm
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Had a sad thing happen in our family last week. My mum passed away suddenly, so I've been absent and scatty, and slightly forgetful. I've got some fic due, which I'm sure is going to be late as a consequence, but if I'm hard to get hold of, I'll apologise now, I'm not here much at the moment. If it's urgent [livejournal.com profile] stellarmeadow knows how to find me, let her know and I'll check in.


Jun. 30th, 2012 10:56 am
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When did I get so old that instead of making me wish of jumping their bones while I'm watching CMT I'm asking when their curfews are and if their Mama's know what they're touching.
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Whilst watching SWAT this morning my thinky brain came out. What is it about certain remakes that works for the bulk of their particular fandoms and what makes it sink like a stone?

I love SWAT, both the movie and the TV Series it came from, y'all know my love of Hawaii Five 0 and I loved the original too, but in a similar vein I loved Dukes of Hazzard, hated the movie, same for the Addams Family, McHale's Navy and a myriad of others.

I'm pretty sure I'd kill to see Black Sheep Squadron remade, but only if they do it properly.

And then there is Charlie's Angels. Sexist or not I loved the original, could just barely tolerate the movies (but I think that was due to Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz and my love for them) and can't even take the abomination that is the remake series seriously.

What is it that makes us love the remakes so much? Is it our love for the new actors? The reworked story? our need to see our favourite characters from our youth continue to live? or something completely different?
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Well not me exactly, but this incarnation of my LJ life.

I'm a couple of days late (or a couple of weeks, depending on how you look on it) 07/20/2011 was when I started using this particular journal, even though it was created on 07/08/2011.
Welcome to the stats for my first year.

• 242 Journal Entries
• 1,088 comments received
• 995 comments posted
• 120 Tags
• 10 Memories
• 30+ files in Scrapbook
• 5 Virtual Gifts
• 245 Userpics

My original and still beloved LJ is considerably older (but I missed that birthday too. That one started at 04/21/2004, those stats are slightly more impressive, but when i look at them I'm thinking that I talk way more in this LJ.

• 977 Journal Entries
• 5,029 comments received
• 3,982 comments posted
• 345 Tags
• 496 Memories
• 1,300+ files in Scrapbook
• 7 Virtual Gifts
• 208 Userpics

Happy LJ birthday to anyone else who is celebrating around this time. That includes you two [livejournal.com profile] and_ed and [livejournal.com profile] thelackey

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