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This season of The Walking Dead has been so bloody! Will things ever let up? — David
NATALIE: Not even close. In fact, this week's episode will shock you as not one, but two people are on the chopping block by episode's end — both making gallant sacrifices for the greater good. Hint: Have some tissues handy, if you can find them.
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So here's the thing, I like to be spoiled, so when the amount of spoiling is getting ahead of me and I get confused, I am going to have a post like this where all the news I have collected I will cobble together into episode order and post here. Not so I spoil you lot but so I have it all straight in my head. So heres the latest batch from 3.05 - 3.12. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled and if you do click don't bitch that you've been spoiled.

Again be warned spoilers )

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I apologise for the spamminess of my day but it's hat kind of day isn't it?

Don't forget to go and vote, vote lots even, this has been a damned good season so far, hasn't it?

A link for your convenience.

And I leave you for a thought courtesy of my sister.
It spoils therefore I cut )
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So does that make Cath starters? And Danny main course?

Or it just one big ole Steve Buffet?
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and fandom melts like plastic over a flame....

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So here's a picture that was too pretty not to share. It's from a future ep so I've marked it spoiler, but I'm not sure exactly what it's spoiling. They drive a Camaro? Steve wears cargo pants? They both wear Tac vests? who knows, but I'm wary of the spoiler police.

here tis )
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Cut because it's clearly a spoiler and because I'm going to have my own little squee fest.

Clearly made of spoiled awesome )
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So I'm a spoiler Whore. Sue me. I've collected up bits and peices that I know from upcoming episodes, up to 3.10. If you know anything else and feel inclined to share, consider this my grabby hands request.

It goes without saying, click the link you'll spoil yourself and that will be no fault of mine.

You know the rules )
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I'll be back later with my thinkiness but for now have next week's promo because I'm too excited to keep it to myself.

consider yourself warned )
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So it's been a big week for TV yes?

Lets get the not as important premieres out of the way shall we?

Last Resort - I was on board with watching this just because of it's filming location, but it really surprised me. The synopsis that they used, did it no favors at all. The scenario that I thought was quite hinky actually turned out to be quite gripping. The have an adorable SEAL too, he's no Steve McGarrett, but for this he'll do.

Elementary - I went into this expecting to hate it, not that I'm a rabid Sherlock fan, but I really am quite lukewarm towards the three stars, but it also surprised me. Lucy Lui was far more likeable than I have ever seen her. And johnny Lee Miller was adorable.

Castle - I used to like Castle so much more, but now it just seems to have turned into a big romance fest for Beckett and Castle. It's good but now it's just the same as every other cop show.

Big Bang Theory - I don't know what I was expecting but I was disappointed. For a premiere it just seemed to fall flat for me.

NCIS - Dependable as always, and I'm glad they didn't kill off anyone that was important to me. Palmer just keeps surprising me, and McGee is still too thin.

NCIS:LA - I don't know why but I was less invested in this than I would be other years, maybe because the cliffhanger was more Sam and G focussed and LA is all about Deeks and Kensi for me, I dunno. It was good but it didn't ring my bells the same way that H50 did.

Okay, now for a round up of H50 things that I've seen floating around over the last few days. I'm cutting because the bulk of them are spoilers.

look at your peril )

So how goes your weekends?


Sep. 27th, 2012 12:14 pm
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Under a cut because according to ratings there is still a crap load of people who haven't seen this.

cracktastic musings ahead )
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There are spoilers in this clip, don't say you weren't warned!


Edited to add this article

Spoilers Ahoy
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So the new season of just about everything starts within the next week or so, which leads me to need to say something to forestall any negativity towards moi.

I'm a spoiler whore, I'll admit it straight up, those of you that know me know that I soak it up like a sponge and then can't shut up speculating all about what I know and what I think I know.

That being said, my definition of spoilers is probably a little loose compared to some of you. For instance things that we have already seen or have been alluded to in the past season, I don't consider to be a spoiler. For example just in case ) there are things that I will just assume, or bts pictures that don't mean spoiler to me, that will to you. I'll label spoiler and the episode number, but sometimes I just don't realise it's a spoiler.

I live in Australia, I just assume that we're the last in the world to get things (we were 15 years behind with Days of Our Lives for heaven's sake!) so it just doesn't always occur to me that I'm possibly spoiling.

The upshot is that I'm growing myself a set, I've been silent about a lot of things in this my own journal for too long. Spoilers are just one of them. So if you don't want accidental spoiling, venting about religion, politics and world events, I understand if you do what you must. But I figure I tiptoe around in real life, I'm not going to keep doing it here as well.

Oh and for the record, my shows are H50, NCIS:LA, Army Wives, Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead primarily, and Last Resort will be in there too. There are others but none that I obsess over enough to chase downloads.

Either way this is a warning/apology, if you hang around and are accidentally spoiled, I'm sorry but you have been warned.
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So I watched the finale. I've been on pins and needles for the last week waiting for it but when all was said and done for me it was a little anticlimatic.

Spoilets live here )
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Holy Crap!!

here since Lj refuses to embed it. Thanks to AOLR for the visuals.

I have much speculation but I think we will be teased throughout the entire hiatus by whatifs and how comes, so until I can no longer keep my opinions to myself and certain others who get to hear me postulate I'll spare you all.
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OMG, How much have we missed Steven J. McGarrett. They could have told us on they were on the moon and I wouldn't have given a FRA, Danny's boyfriend's back, and Wo Fat's gonna be in trouble.

Under the cut there are spoilers and all sorts of speculation, from the last two episodes of the Season that almost sucked the life out of fandom.

Spoilers all over the place )
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I keep saying that next week is going to be calmer but it never seems to happen, the crazy just seems to get ramped up a notch higher every week. Because I'm too lazy/busy to adventure with more than dot points, welcome to my weekend round up.

# Have spent the last few days putting together flat pack furniture. DO not understand why they bother translating instructions from whatever language they start in to english if they end up as unrecognisable jibberish.

#Must stop using Hawaiian themed ablutionary solutions. Not only does it make me pine for my second home but now my hair (which generally makes straw ticking look soft and manageable) is so soft and silky, courtesy of the coconut and frangipani oils, that my hair bands are all just sliding off.

#Have a squillion things to write and update and even with a dictation program I still am not getting enough time to make with the writing. Frustrating, much?

#My sister, damn her, is trying to suck me into Dark Angel and Lost Girl. I think she is succeeeding with the first, not so much with the second.

#Speaking of the sibling? One of our local tv stations has just started playing Moonlight. To say she is smitten by Mick St John is something akin to saying Romeo might have fancied Juliet. When I say to her 'you know that's Steve McG, don't you?" Her response is 'Yeah but he's sexy with some meat on him.'

#On that subject, good to hear that AOL is going to be back on deck soon. I'm sure they've missed him as much as we have, and whilst Chin is a worthy replacement for the NCIS:LA/H50 crossover I'm still sad I get no Steve/Danny/Deeks interaction, but health is something you can't replace and he needs to look out for himself.

#I'm being forced to drive (okay not forced but I don't have the energy for the argument)the family to Sizzler for dinner. I'm so not in the mood for that shit. Eating at Sizzler in my neighbourhood is like a food fight with the cast of My Name is Earl.

# Need a new character member outside of the core four for character discussion, anyone got any ideas?

#speaking of the core four I'm afeared for one of them this season. I hope my spidey senses are tingling for nothing.
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I'm home, I'm pretty much caught up I think. Responded to everyone I owe I think, so if you haven't heard from me and you were expecting can you give me a heads up? Only 203 days until I can go back.

Several things and it could get long winded (I can hear your shocked gasps from here. Behave!!) so have some cuts to save your flists.

What I've been up to? )

What I've got going on now )

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Wow, that turned out way longer than I intended.

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