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So since my fandoms might collide and clearly there is at least one of you that watches Walking Dead as well I'm going to put some speculation here.

Holy Crap! the promo for next week, OMG. I've seen speculation that Beth dies, but I've also seen quite cohesive thoughts that Daryl dies but I'm not going there, I guess hoping that Lori (WTF is it with that name) dies is too much to ask?

I'm curious to see who it was that was watching Carol give her zombie c-section. General consensus that I've seen is that it was Merle, but I don't think so. Merle would have known both Carol and Glenn so he would have confronted them re Daryl. My thought? It was the Governor. I think it was his prison. Remember when he said to Andrea that some nicknames stick whether you want them to or not? I'm thinking that the core of his 'men' are ex prisoners, which would also explain why there seemed to be prisoners that were shackled and shot in the head in their cell doorways. Why would that explain it? Look how fastidious he is with stabbing their brains to stop them turning when he kills them now.

But that doesn't explain the strange Tea that his flunky mad scientist makes. My sisters theory is that he was turning and that tea is some sort of antidote that stops the turn.

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