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This season of The Walking Dead has been so bloody! Will things ever let up? — David
NATALIE: Not even close. In fact, this week's episode will shock you as not one, but two people are on the chopping block by episode's end — both making gallant sacrifices for the greater good. Hint: Have some tissues handy, if you can find them.
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So since I made with the whiny about LJ, I guess I should back up with all the places you can find me right? If you can't find me here, I'm at all these places too. Feel free to friend me anywhere, everywhere or nowhere and I'll friend you back.

Dreamwidth My DW
Twitter @mohinikapuahi
Tumblr my Tumblr
Facebook Facebook
A03 mohinikapuahi
Fic Journal Mohinikapuahi
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So since my fandoms might collide and clearly there is at least one of you that watches Walking Dead as well I'm going to put some speculation here.

Walking Dead spoilers )
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Spoilers for Steve's Flashback

Read the spoilers then please come and flail with me.

cut for spoiley fangirl flailing )

Please resume your regular broadcasting.
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Changes? I don't like them. I don't likes them at all.

Why do they have to change something that isn't broken. LJ is working just fine how it is. We're not here because we want to play on tumblr or facebook, we're here because we like the personalisation we like the way it works HERE. I've got a dreamwidth, I've got a blog spot and a few others that I don't use much, why? I like the way LJ is. It took me a long time to get comfortable here, I don't want trendy or popular I just want my home, or to put it another way, I don't want Jimmy Choo's I like my slippahs.

This doesn't fill me with any sort of confidence either.

If everyone defects to dreamwidth I guess I'll be going there too and I guess it will take me the same couple of years to get comfortable there that it took me here. As it stands now I can't find things there, I can't deal with the terminology, I have more trouble with the coding then is worth the effort, all of which makes me almost mute over there so whats the point right?

Which brings me to if you're over there and want to keep me in your circle or whatever the fuck they call it over there same name, same whining.
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Just swiped this from [livejournal.com profile] jstabe because I'm pretty sure at least one of you will be interested (yes [livejournal.com profile] finduilas_clln I am looking at you).

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Today has been a funny day. And not a good funny either. Actually the last few days have been odd and kind of peculiar. The Hawaiian Tsunami was the start, which put me all out of sorts, not sure why either. But then came Frankenstorm, and no I'm nowhere near it and it shouldn't matter to me as much as it does, but I have so many friends that were literally right in harms way that I couldn't leave it alone. I couldn't leave the news networks alone and I had the weather channel streaming on my computer at the same time, just because I couldn't leave it the hell alone. Just like a kid picking at a scab. I only have one friend I'm yet to hear from, haven't really talked to her for a longish time because we've both been so busy. Last time I spoke to her she was living in Virginia Beach but she might be in Norfolk, I'm hoping the lack of comms is because she was evacuated or is just without power.

And on top of that they yanked Five-0. I get why they did it, and it really was a good call, but the source of distraction we all needed was gone, so I'd wager we were all sitting compulsively watching the weather channel and slowly unravelling.

Well, that was a long winded way to say I'm really glad all my friends came out the other side in one peice. We may not all know each other in person, but that doesn't make the friendship any less real.

I deal with weather emergencies so much better when I'm the one in the weather.

Here, have a treat because I've been made of whiny.


ETA: Something has just occurred to me. I get a stupid grin every time I see a picture of AOL this year. Why? It finally dawned on me, this year he looks so healthy and better yet happy. By this time last year we all were starting to see something was up, even in the Season 2 premiere he was too thin, but things only got worse as the season progressed as we all know. So this year seeing him so obviously happy and healthy just warms my little fangirl heart, especially since this season is so much better than last year and promises to continue getting even better.

Stay Safe

Oct. 29th, 2012 10:00 am
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Since I know none of my friends have been bludgeoned with the stupid stick I know you'll all do the safest things for your own situations, but stay as safe as you can and I hope that the weather is kind and the power stays on.

Crazy weather times [livejournal.com profile] and_ed I hope the earthquake didn't affect you, Hawai'i's tsunami was thankfully milder than it could have been, now we just have to get through Sandy and then it's bushfire season down my way (apparently the worst we've seen in many years they say).

Is it too much to ask for mild weather everywhere? Just for one year even?

Fic is Fic

Oct. 28th, 2012 11:41 pm
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I'm sorry if I'm about to offend any of you, but twitter fic is not fic. 140 characters is barely a 'tight concise' sentence. 140 characters is not a fic.
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For anyone who has friends on or worried about the Tsunami warning in Hawaii, here is the livestreaming of HNN if you need/want it.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Teen Wolf

Oct. 28th, 2012 01:37 pm
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So over a space of three days I may have mainlined Teen Wolf so far.

I enjoyed it and in places it's compelling and I love the twists and turns but I think I'm getting old. My favorite two characters? Sherrif Stilinski and Argent. Though I do have a soft spot for Danny and Stiles. And Derek and Stiles snark is adorable.

Also Derek has a hot car, she's no Winny but she'll do.
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So here's the thing, I like to be spoiled, so when the amount of spoiling is getting ahead of me and I get confused, I am going to have a post like this where all the news I have collected I will cobble together into episode order and post here. Not so I spoil you lot but so I have it all straight in my head. So heres the latest batch from 3.05 - 3.12. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled and if you do click don't bitch that you've been spoiled.

Again be warned spoilers )

My Personal Thoughts )

Prompt me

Oct. 27th, 2012 01:43 am
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So...I have six documents open all week and the best I can manage is two sentences.

I need to write but apparently not in a way that I was already doing.

Anyone care to prompt me to get things going again.

Anything you want so long as its Steve/Danny or even Steve/cath with pre Steve/Danny? Angsty, not so angsty, give me a prompt, If I can do it I can.

Drabble/ficlet whatever happens is yours.

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Originally posted by twissie. Reposted by kapuahi at 2012-10-26 09:31:00.

So, after nearly a decade at this site, LJ finally does something that makes me actually rage. No popcorn and laughing as the masses storm to news posts complaining, this time I'm actually worried.

A while back I was invited to help out with BETA testing new LJ services (I got this invite via [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases).

They have just announced BETA testing of a new friendslist.

LJ is planning on redoing everyone's friendslists in the style of the new comment page and update page. They want to copy tumblr and make your friendslist into a dashboard-like system page (infinite scrolling and all). It's also been renamed to "feed" (this I don't mind too much, though). In fact the whole dashboard idea with infinite scrolling wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that everyone will be locked to one specific layout. The system style comment pages are bad enough, but now I'll have to strain my eyes reading my flist? That defeats the purpose of this entire site. The font, use of whitespace, oversized boxes and UI elements ... all contribute to making the page difficult to read, on a site where all you do is read. Aaaah. Even just the possibility of adjusting the font (style and size) would make this suggestion easier to swallow, but it's still not something I'd want for my journal. It would not improve my LJ experience in any way (in fact it would most likely make my daily LJ activities more time consuming).

Now, I wasn't able to make the BETA page display my own friendslist, so I apologise to the random users who are featured in the screenshot, but to give everyone an idea, the below image shows you what your friendslist probably will look like in a couple of months.

(Click for big)

I never switched over from Dystopia, so that adds to the weirdness. You're going to have to picture this with the standard LiveJournal drop down navigation + no blue sidebar to the left. Click the screenshots for bigger versions.

Top of page with links to journal, archive, profile

Example of text heavy post as displayed on friendslist

New buttons to the right replace the navigation strip. One tab for filters

One tab for Archive/Calendar, you can filter your feed to display posts from one specific date. These buttons follow along as you scroll down the page (infinite scrolling).

All friendslists will look the same.

Snippet from the locked post at [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases:
The friends page has been redesigned as a system page for all users, and is now available for Beta testers. There is a link at the top of your friends page allowing you to switch between the new and old versions, and will later go into public beta testing. You can switch back and forth between both versions throughout beta testing.

PUBLIC POST AT [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases ABOUT THE NEW FRIENDSLIST: http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/79480.html.

You can also see the proposed changes for yourself by enabling the BETA on your own journal (instructions from [livejournal.com profile] ruljautonews):
It's trivially easy to test beta features.
1) Go to [livejournal.com profile] lj_ru_beta and request to join.
2) Wait to get confirmation that you've been accepted into the community (this could take a few hours.)
3) Go to this page and choose Go To under Beta.
4) That's it, you're now testing the beta release. All site-scheme pages should now display a big "BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA" in yellow letters across the top.
5) You could make comments in the [livejournal.com profile] lj_ru_beta post, but if you do please keep this in mind: the majority of commenters there don't speak English and if they do it's not their primary language. Machine translation of Russian is lousy. "My hovercraft is full of eels" lousy. While you can engage in basic dialogue and get a feel for what the other person is saying, don't get too hung up on anyone's phrasing.

You can easily switch back to the old version.

Make sure you let LJ know what you think of these proposed changes, I can't be the only one who thinks this is a horrible idea.

ETA: It's nice to see that I'm not the only one worried about the proposed changes, but please direct your feedback through the proper channels. This is a private journal, I have no affiliation with LJ. Please also be respectful when addressing the LJ staff. They are just doing their jobs. Thanks!

ETA2: Russian news post about the BETA test: http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/7013.html

ETA3: Added more screenshots.

ETA4: Additional info at [livejournal.com profile] ruljautonews: http://ruljautonews.livejournal.com/27964.html

ETA5: An update on the new site scheme.

ETA6: Public beta has now been announced. Official announcement.

ETA7 (really?): RUSSIAN NEWS POSTS CONFIRM PAGINATION AND ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE FONT AND BACKGROUND IN THE FUTURE, [livejournal.com profile] ruljautonews HAS MORE: http://ruljautonews.livejournal.com/28207.html

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I apologise for the spamminess of my day but it's hat kind of day isn't it?

Don't forget to go and vote, vote lots even, this has been a damned good season so far, hasn't it?

A link for your convenience.

And I leave you for a thought courtesy of my sister.
It spoils therefore I cut )
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The next door neighbors have a beautiful garden, orchard almost, they have full grown orange, lemon, mango, apple trees with a thicket like thing that is home to all sorts of berries and grape and beans (depending on the season) and a plot that grows almost any sort of vegetable you could want. They were self sufficient basic fruit and veg wise.

I should say did have.

My sister txted me to say they have a work crew in their yard and they've just bulldozed all the trees because as she overheard the owners daughter, the kids want a pool and the trees are useless anyway.

I may have cried.
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So does that make Cath starters? And Danny main course?

Or it just one big ole Steve Buffet?
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and fandom melts like plastic over a flame....

Teen Wolf

Oct. 24th, 2012 08:35 pm
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So, I may or may not have just watched the first few episodes of Teen Wolf.

Why was I never told that there is a Camaro?

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