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This season of The Walking Dead has been so bloody! Will things ever let up? — David
NATALIE: Not even close. In fact, this week's episode will shock you as not one, but two people are on the chopping block by episode's end — both making gallant sacrifices for the greater good. Hint: Have some tissues handy, if you can find them.
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So since my fandoms might collide and clearly there is at least one of you that watches Walking Dead as well I'm going to put some speculation here.

Walking Dead spoilers )
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Spoilers for Steve's Flashback

Read the spoilers then please come and flail with me.

cut for spoiley fangirl flailing )

Please resume your regular broadcasting.
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So, I've been going to post for a couple of days, but really just haven't had the time or probably truth be told, the energy.

Things that matter in my world this week:

* My study is driving me crackers. My brain was never meant to be inhabited by numbers, I mean, if it's got more numbers than I have fingers and toes it's too difficult for me to deal with. Somehow I think Chemistry and Computerised Financial accounting are going to be the death of me.

* Alex O'Loughlin was out and about in LA at the HFPA event during the week, looking relaxed and very salt n pepper. Gave an interview here which is guaranteed to make you love him even more. Honestly? To find a nicer, more genuinely down-to-earth man would be a near impossible task.

* Scott Caan's play seems to be doing well as evidenced here, I'm quite jealous of all of you that are going.

* My consumption of Supernatural has slowed, I stopped for a while at the end of Season 2, but when I get done with travel and fic writing I will be delving back in, because Jensen Ackles eyelashes are too good to resist.

* Speaking of diving in? You may note from the icon, yes I have been assimilated. I've fallen right down the Wormhole and into Stargate: Atlantis. It's all [livejournal.com profile] alassenya's fault.

* Though I am defying common convention over that way and am quite smitten with the Ronon/Sheppard (what is that called btw, because in my head it's Shex) pairing rather than the McShep everyone else seems so set on. Not only is Jason Momoa hot, but he's got that lovely husky voice that should be reserved for reading porn out loud.

* The other half of that pairing? The Sheppard part you wouldn't expect to be hot? Somehow it is, and seriously Joe Flanigan should stop doing things like this on twitter. It just fills my head with inappropriate ideas. Also? There is almost as much if not more unneccessary touching between the two of them on set as there is with AOL/SC.

*Speaking of inappropriate, I've never been in a fandom before where there was so much hetfic, and not just hetfic but generally bad het fic. SGA seems to have as much het as slash, to a died in the wool slasher, that is a little disturbing.

* Before my next travel I really need a new travel laptop, Balian, my trusty netbook is getting long in the tooth and recalcitrant, contemplating this one is appealing to me at the moment because I can get it for almost $200 cheaper and with double the memory from my local guy.

*Have finished the rough draft of a bang fic, need to start on my Harlequin fic and somebody please shoot me, I've just signed up for an SGA challenge.

* Speaking of writing outside my fandom comfort zone? My head is being overtaken by the plotting of an SGA/H50/Walking Dead fic that is threatening to eat my existance.

* While I'm rabbiting about fic I have an observation to make. the H50 writing comm seems to spend a lot of time at FF.net, I've never been in a fandom that posts there before.

* The premiere of the Hobbit has been announced, I think I'm almost excited when I really didn't expect to be.

* Put together a new recipe this week, Pineapple and Coconut Macaroons, I'm told they're irresistable. Guess what inspired them?

Also, ION, is it September yet? I miss my new H50, and am pining for [livejournal.com profile] and_ed's episode reviews.
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Remember what I said about one fandom hooking me? Best I take that back.

My sister and a dear friend (yes [livejournal.com profile] lolokoa I am looking at you) have been trying to drag me kicking and screaming into Walking Dead. I have resisted because I don't 'do' zombies. Really don't do Zombies. But I digress. I think they've got me there. I still don't watch the zombie parts (read that as yes I have my hands over my face doing the gross 'yech' thing) but the characterisation is good, the actual plot twists aren't too bad and that alone has pushed all my buttons. Norman Reedus has suddenly become a whole lot more compelling to me (my friends say it's the redneck calling out to me).

I went looking for fanfic this morning.

Resistance would be a whole lot easier if the authors sucked.

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