Apr. 1st, 2012

kapuahi: (H50 - Steve  - Escapee)
I keep saying that next week is going to be calmer but it never seems to happen, the crazy just seems to get ramped up a notch higher every week. Because I'm too lazy/busy to adventure with more than dot points, welcome to my weekend round up.

# Have spent the last few days putting together flat pack furniture. DO not understand why they bother translating instructions from whatever language they start in to english if they end up as unrecognisable jibberish.

#Must stop using Hawaiian themed ablutionary solutions. Not only does it make me pine for my second home but now my hair (which generally makes straw ticking look soft and manageable) is so soft and silky, courtesy of the coconut and frangipani oils, that my hair bands are all just sliding off.

#Have a squillion things to write and update and even with a dictation program I still am not getting enough time to make with the writing. Frustrating, much?

#My sister, damn her, is trying to suck me into Dark Angel and Lost Girl. I think she is succeeeding with the first, not so much with the second.

#Speaking of the sibling? One of our local tv stations has just started playing Moonlight. To say she is smitten by Mick St John is something akin to saying Romeo might have fancied Juliet. When I say to her 'you know that's Steve McG, don't you?" Her response is 'Yeah but he's sexy with some meat on him.'

#On that subject, good to hear that AOL is going to be back on deck soon. I'm sure they've missed him as much as we have, and whilst Chin is a worthy replacement for the NCIS:LA/H50 crossover I'm still sad I get no Steve/Danny/Deeks interaction, but health is something you can't replace and he needs to look out for himself.

#I'm being forced to drive (okay not forced but I don't have the energy for the argument)the family to Sizzler for dinner. I'm so not in the mood for that shit. Eating at Sizzler in my neighbourhood is like a food fight with the cast of My Name is Earl.

# Need a new character member outside of the core four for character discussion, anyone got any ideas?

#speaking of the core four I'm afeared for one of them this season. I hope my spidey senses are tingling for nothing.

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