May. 21st, 2012

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So I've got a lot going on and a lot not going on, some dot points and questions might explain it all.

*I'm so time poor that the only place I'm even briefly checking is LJ, yes I'm on all the other places (Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, Myspace - you name it I'm there) but if you seek me and I'm not answering it's because I haven't seen it. If you really need me hit me up on LJ I'll see it eventually.

* SO I've delved back into school. Currently working on a Bachelor of MultiMedia/Marketing (yes the bastards at Uni changed it's name) and a Diploma of Tourism.

* Am really behind on a lot of my stuff, most pointedly my 100 things posts. Will be getting onto that asap.

* Currently have three Bang sized fics almost finished, two almost at let the beta tear them apart stage. and also 30+ smaller fics.

* also brain is being eaten by the concept of hiatus project of rewriting S2 the way it should be but unless I can sort a way to turn it into a comm event/challenge it won't happen before the start of season 3. Which will make me sad.

* Have had some things going on that have made parts of being on line a pain in the ass so I've been avoiding it somewhat. If I've missed anything can y'all point me in the right direction?

* Friend may need some help in June so I may be off to my favourite place in the world - no it's not Disneyland, for a couple of weeks in June.

* have been mainlining two TV programs. Supernatural during the day and Stargate Atlantis at night. Have developed quite the thing for Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Am currently seeking out Sheppard/Ronon fic, am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Also really resisting the urge to write super porny ficlet in said pairing.

* While I'm on the confessions thing I have two more, and they are part of the same confession so here goes. I don't appreciate movies that are based on comic books. Why I don't know, I just don't never have and I'm hoping the Avengers will break that mold but I'm not holding out hope. Also, while on the subject of the Avengers, lets talk about Jeremy Renner shall we? I don't get it. At all. Somebody please apprise me of WTF it is about him that has y'all off your nuts about him, because I don't see it.

* God help me I've started plotting out an original manuscript. Where I fit that in I'm not sure, but I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. I think it helps in my head that I'm aiming for the schmaltzy romance market, but whatever works right?
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I have a question.

What's your definition of pre slash?

I'm not sure if my definition is right. But then how I define blond isn't exactly in line with the rest of the world so who knows.

To me pre slash is the time when whichever partner or both is lusting after the other. However, many fics I've seen lately are labelled pre-slash even though they have kissing, hand-jobs, groping and even blow jobs. Is that how y'all see it? Because to me once they've had that first lip lock/sexually themed touching there is no pre about it anymore, they've slipped right down that slippery slope and into the gully of slash.

Am I wrong?

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