Oct. 25th, 2012

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and fandom melts like plastic over a flame....

kapuahi: (Personalised - Steve)
So does that make Cath starters? And Danny main course?

Or it just one big ole Steve Buffet?
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The next door neighbors have a beautiful garden, orchard almost, they have full grown orange, lemon, mango, apple trees with a thicket like thing that is home to all sorts of berries and grape and beans (depending on the season) and a plot that grows almost any sort of vegetable you could want. They were self sufficient basic fruit and veg wise.

I should say did have.

My sister txted me to say they have a work crew in their yard and they've just bulldozed all the trees because as she overheard the owners daughter, the kids want a pool and the trees are useless anyway.

I may have cried.
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I apologise for the spamminess of my day but it's hat kind of day isn't it?

Don't forget to go and vote, vote lots even, this has been a damned good season so far, hasn't it?

A link for your convenience.

And I leave you for a thought courtesy of my sister.
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