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It's been raining all day here today. So it's been cold and miserable. I don't like cold and miserable. So what have I been up to?

I spent a lot of the day having a 'Tour of Duty' Marathon. I forget how much I love those guys and seeing that era portrayed on screen. Also I don't watch it enough. When they released the DVD's here they stripped the 60's music from it so, for me at least, they stripped at least half the soul from the show, but one of our cable stations has been playing it and I get my music back, including my beloved theme. It was funny watching it and seeing familiar Kualoa Ranch/Hawaiian locations, [livejournal.com profile] fatorangekat you'll know, was it only the first season they filmed there?

This evening I've been capping all the H50 episodes because I don't have a complete set of the good quality caps, but now I does.

I'm happily putting together the daily post for AOL daily as well, it's such a hardship wading through AOL pics, but I'm happy to take one for the team.

Also, I have a question for my wise and astute friends list.

Who thinks Danny is afraid of the water? I don't.
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I feel like Spammy McSpampants today, but just a few things that on my mind today.

~ There is a little girl that lives not far from me, Miette Skiller Five years old and suffering from a rare form of brainstem cancer that is if I understand correctly inoperable and thereby terminal. She's got two projects happening at the moment, Letters of Love, and she makes hair clips to sell to raise money for cancer research. If you have a few minutes to write her a letter of support or even a few dollars to spend on a hair clip you can find links to her postal address and her facebook page here.

~ who is surprised that Tom and Katie are splitting? I'm still not convinced he even likes women, so I've been waiting for that since day 1.

~ I'm not politically minded but things are seriously irritating me in my home politics at all. Gay Marriage, Boat People, Social Welfare, the bickering and fighting and crap the supposed 'government' are handling at the moment makes me want to knock the two opposing parties heads together. I'm not going to air my thoughts on any of the aforementtioned topics because they're unpopular within even my decidedly redneck family and I'm not here to start a rant about my intolerance and lack of compassion, I'm just ranting about the fact that our politicians suck worse than a hooker on dollar night.

~ Kind of glad I'm not at home at the moment, they're having a cold snap and it's apparently quite chilly. Not where I am however, it's tropical and balmy and just how I like it. Two guesses where that is?

~ Far too much work to do that involves plotting.

~ At a standstill with my Exchange fic. I need to know if my recipient is pro or anti Lori before I can go any further and I have no clue how to find out without exposing myself. Oy, that didn't sound right did it.

~ Have I mentioned that the leaked H50 casting news hasn't stabbed me with fear the same way last years did? I'm so happy with this years in comparison that I could almost be considered gleeful.

~ have lost 2.5 kilos since last week... Yay me.
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So like the subject line said, last night I went to a concert. A Duran Duran concert. At the time I had a good time, but when I woke this morning I realised I am a little disappointed. Why? Let me tell you a story.

Last April I went to a concert of a band I had a similar love for, Spandau Ballet. It was a lovely bright beautiful day leading up to the gig. They had the crowd on their feet from the moment their curtain dropped (and yes their curtain drops, it's a really cool unusual opening). Every person in the place knew every single song, the venue was sold out and it showed. I loved that gig, and to say that it has become my yardstick for live music is an understatement.

Yesterday we had torrential rain, and for most of the day it was cold and miserable. I hate driving in the rain, seriously loathe it, so I was tense and cranky before I started. Getting from the car into the venue meant that we were dripping wet before we started. When we got inside I was disappointed with my city. They had an abbreviated seating set up and even that wasn't even full.

As soon as the people around me sat down I realised that I was going to be unimpressed with my seats. I'm 5'5" tall and I was 12 rows from the stage and slightly off centre, pretty good I thought. Yet at the very first note when everyone jumped to their feet, I felt like a bonzai in a forest of sequioas. The only saving grace in that situation? The window of vision I did have was a clear line to the drum kit. Have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for a drummer? That said, I didn't take many photos but I did manage almost 1gb of video snippets.

The music was good, sometimes spectacular, that in itself was my fault, I haven't had time to familiarise myself with the brand new stuff so I didn't really 'know' it, and that was compounded by the fact that the members of the crowd that were only there for the 'old stuff' would sit down and tweet or whatthefuckever while those songs were being performed. Let me tell you that half the crowd disconnecting like that around you is a huge distraction.

I have a huge soft spot for Duran, they were my first 'real' concert, 19 November 1983. I still have the program the tshirt and the ticket stub. JT told us that they have a soft spot for us because we were the first place they ever had a number 1. They've only played here three times, the second time they came here specially because they were the support for Robbie Williams who didn't play anywhere in our state but they came here on their own.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, but is it a gig I'm going to talk about for a long time to come? Probably not. It will be enough for me to know that I was there, that they are still my Duran and I still love their music and always will and will always see them whenever I can.

That said, have a couple of pictures.
Pretty pretty boys )
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This is bloody ridiculous.
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Got all reminiscent tonight. One of the local stations had a night of classic Australian cinema, and I found Mad Max. Back in the good old days when it was Max that was Mad and not Mel.

Also reminded me of my first restored car.

This isn't my interceptor but a damn fine facsimile. My baby had better mags.

It kind of makes me realise why I love Danny's camaro so much.
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Ever had one of those days when you miss what you never really had? For some bizarre reason, I listen to the Act of Valor soundtrack and it makes me miss my ex. Actually it's probably not bizarre, he's Army and deployed and despite the fact that he was being a selfish ass and I cut him loose I still worry about him and think about him every single day. At least I've stopped stalking his facebook page, and having the soppy messages from his wife make me cry.

Also, in I'm such a flake news, I missed my own Thursday Character study posting last week, so I've deliberately delayed until this week. Yes I know, if I was any flakier I'd be dandruff.
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So, it's been a while *waves*.

I've been to Middle Earth, frolicked in The Shire, spent time in paradise (formerly known as Hawai'i) all with my best friend.

I've gone to the dark side. Yes my PC loving pals, I now am the proud owner of an iPad2 and an iPhone 4s (known at my house as Steve and Danny - because they're both very handsome, very clever and are a perfect match for each other). Am considering a MacBook as my next technology purchase. It seems my friends are right, I am distracted by the Shiny and Pretty.

Speaking of Technology,it is not my friend. Many of you know that already. As much as I love it, sometimes it beats me with it's big nasty stick of you will do what I want you to do or I will smite your trusting ass. Since I've been home I have managed to lose the power cable for Balian (my netbook that travels with me) so until Acer sends me a new one my Balian is currently on life support and inaccessible. My Isp has decided that it will work when it wants to and not when I need it to. Livejournal has decided that it is in a relationship with my ISP and has gone out in sympathy. I can acess LJ on Danny (aforementioned iPhone) but that gets me nowhere because I can't see graphics or comment or do anything well useful, and to top that all off my sister has somehow managed to put a password on my home/base system and I can't access much of my personal stuff until we work out wtf she did.

This year there are some changes afoot in my on line life.

Since LJ is kicking my ample toosh, I am trying this from a different angle. My otherwise unloved Dreamwidth account is now my jumping off point and I'll be cross posting to LJ from here.

So.....what is everyone else up to.

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