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I have a whole fic series trying to outline itself in my head, but I can't quite get it to sit straight. Why? Because the most important part of the series - the timing and locations - I can't read.

Why so cryptic? Not really. I want to see the conflicts on the only obscured panel on this ) photo.

Translation? There is a whole series of fics waiting for the stroy behind how Steve got his medals, but I'm not even thinking about it until I can read where he's been.
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This may include spoilers for some of you but tonight I'm beyond caring. If you are a spoilerphobe go no further. Also opinions contained herein may be unpopular, but guess what? This is MY journal and they are MY opinions. I'm not going to fight or bitch or whatever, but also I'm not apologising for them.

So this is where I’d have a little brain dump of what I thought about the episode. Well normally I would, because I loved the episode. Yes it was a ridiculous case and who knows why they had to go to August March, aside from needing a ‘name’ guest, and Malia’s funeral was heartbreaking, but there are some things that I have seen that are irritating me (surprise, surprise), so instead of my incessant thinkiness about the characters we all love, I’ll leave you with two points.

* Yes, Catherine was at Malia’s funeral. What’s up with the complaining about why is Cath at the paddle out? Or, she didn’t know Malia? How quickly you all forget. Seriously. I remember the squeeing that went on when Steve turned up at Meka’s funeral. Why? Because he knew Danny. Y’all (me included) thought that was adorable. Steve was happy to support his friend, Cath knew Chin, why isn’t she afforded the same fandom thoughts? Charlie was there too and we don't have proof that he knew Malia, why not ask the same question of him, why is Cath being singled out?

* Secondly and don’t get me wrong, I loved the lovely tender little scene on the HHV beach with Chin and Danny, but I don’t get how Danny’s emotion was any more compelling in this ep, than Steve’s was with the reunion with Doris (or any Steve/Doris scenes for that matter) in the last ep when AOL was soundly smacked down by parts of fandom for being not emotional enough.

Honestly, your double standards are showing fandom. The people dissing Catherine are some of the same people who staunchly defended the interloper from last year, and honestly there is room for two leads, they get along why can’t their corners of fandom without sniping at the opposing lead?
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I'll be back later with my thinkiness but for now have next week's promo because I'm too excited to keep it to myself.

consider yourself warned )
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I may have committed coda to 3.01. If you're interested you can find it here.
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Okay, just when I think he has outdone himself along comes This and he creates a whole new scale for adorable.

Really, there are no words.


May. 18th, 2012 04:18 pm
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So, I'm convinced I'm either in an alternate reality or I honestly have a different feed to half the viewing world because seriously, what the everloving fuck, dude!

Read more... )

Cut from this article to save you having to read any more.
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So I watched the finale. I've been on pins and needles for the last week waiting for it but when all was said and done for me it was a little anticlimatic.

Spoilets live here )
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Holy Crap!!

here since Lj refuses to embed it. Thanks to AOLR for the visuals.

I have much speculation but I think we will be teased throughout the entire hiatus by whatifs and how comes, so until I can no longer keep my opinions to myself and certain others who get to hear me postulate I'll spare you all.
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So I'm already doing this with Music, but Music is the stuff that I choose, basically that I enjoy doing, but this one is for the things that you might enjoy.

I'm totally stealing this from [livejournal.com profile] finduilas_clln because it a)looks like fun and b)is a really good idea.

This is my 100 things post for

100 Fandom Requests

Since fic is the only thing I'm equipped to create, basically, this will be the Master Post where you can all request your fandom related fic. Request as many as you want! Come back as often as you'd like! So... for the parameters...

Hawaii Five-O Fandom
- I will write drabbles or ficlets. The length of the fic will depend on how inspired I am by your prompt. As you know, my main pairings is Steve/Danny. Your prompt/request can be as vague or specific as you like.

Other Fandoms

Your safest bet is H50, but Magnificent Seven, The Young Riders and Lotrips might be possible as well.
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OMG, How much have we missed Steven J. McGarrett. They could have told us on they were on the moon and I wouldn't have given a FRA, Danny's boyfriend's back, and Wo Fat's gonna be in trouble.

Under the cut there are spoilers and all sorts of speculation, from the last two episodes of the Season that almost sucked the life out of fandom.

Spoilers all over the place )
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It's taken fifteen episodes to get there but I think now we're back on track with the show I know and want to love again.

Ha'i'ole was like part 2 of the season 1 finale, and teased us all with what we had come to expect from our show and set us up for a big ass fall. The introduction of Lori Weston, whether it was to reduce the gay, level up a gender bias, whiten up the cast, or a combination of all of them it was blatantly obvious that it wasn't working and wouldn't work.

Fandom erupted, the bulk of us hated her, the rest let their screams of misogny ring loud but you know what? The bulk of it wasn't Lauren German's fault. Was she up to the task? No not really, even watching her run makes me cringe, but that aside, it never should have gotten to that particular actress gracing our screens in that role.

Alex O'Loughlin has chemistry with everyone even the bloody Camaro but with her he ALWAYS looked uncomfortable, stilted and awkward and the rest of the cast were no better. If she was the best of four in a chemistry test, I hate to think how bad the others were. So no, it's not her fault it's the casting directors.

The rest of the blame has to lay with the writers, they have definitely dropped the ball this season. Even with our ability last season to disregard the AS IF moments in the scripts, the addition of characters that didn't sit right with the viewers along with poor writing only accentuated what ails them this season. Whether this was because they found themselves with an actress that wasn't really up to the job and had to scramble for a while and redistribute lines, or maybe they had trouble fitting the story around the new number of players. Or maybe they just suck. Who knows?

Whatever the cause, it's over, Joe is laying low, Lori fell on her own sword and we can hope that the last three relatively enjoyable episodes grow into 6-8 episodes of awesome, and we can know that we have our show back

More importantly the wingnuts that call themselves the production team can look at the shit they wrought this season and learn never to do that again.

I had lost the affection for reviewing my feelings for the show that had made me love it, because I had always been taught if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. It's shallow, but while the team was playing hot potato with Lori it was sucking all my enjoyment out of it. I still watched, because I'm as loyal as the day is long and I will officially watch ANYTHING our core four are in, so I'm on this particular ride until I run out of track, but later you may expect a review of tonight, and probably expect one every week from here on out. Just saying....
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I'm home, I'm pretty much caught up I think. Responded to everyone I owe I think, so if you haven't heard from me and you were expecting can you give me a heads up? Only 203 days until I can go back.

Several things and it could get long winded (I can hear your shocked gasps from here. Behave!!) so have some cuts to save your flists.

What I've been up to? )

What I've got going on now )

Writing )

Hawaii Five-0 - My thoughts/opinions/demented ramblings )

Wow, that turned out way longer than I intended.

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